Top esports betting apps Australia 2024

Australia has a fully regulated sports betting industry, with many of the top betting apps highly regarded as market-leaders. The best esports betting apps will give Aussies the chance to bet on everything from League of Legends to FIFA and have outstanding odds for all professional video gaming events. Esports betting apps in Australia are generally available for iOS and Android smartphones and will take a few minute to set up. Below we will run you through the top Australian betting apps, how to download them and what features they pack.

The best Australian esports betting apps for May, 2024 are:

United States Best AU esports betting apps

Best AU esports betting apps

#1 BetOnline

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#2 Bovada

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Our esports betting apps table is geo-targeted to only show apps you are able to download:

Best esports betting app in 2024

The best esports betting apps are usually produced by the most popular online gambling companies — simply because they have the most resources to pour into their operations.

The other key consideration when using online betting apps, is what type of device you have. The two main types of betting apps used in 2024 are Android and iOS, with the latter more commonly known as Apple.

There have been other apps developed for devices like Blackberries and Nokia’s but Android and iOS apps are the two types of smartphones and tablets are easily the most used when talking about online betting.

While esports betting apps are extremely convenient, not just because you have a shortcut on your device’s desktop, but also are quicker to load that a mobile site and update dynamically.

Often the top esports bet apps will also have other features, like free tips competitions, or promotions for using certain parts of the app.

The top Australian esports betting apps include:

**In our experiences using Australian esports betting apps there is ver little difference between Android and iOS versions, although the process to download them has significant differences.

Best Android esports betting apps

Those looking to bet on esports via Android betting apps or even via instant-play betting sites are in luck. Android smartphone users have more freedom than iOS users when it comes to downloading betting apps in Australia.

Android esports betting apps can be downloaded directly from an online bookmaker, rather than from the Google Play store.

You will need to Allow non-market apps to download an esports betting app directly from a Aussie bookmaker, but this only takes a second, and takes effect immediately.

Because there is less red-tape around Android esports betting, it means it’s more likely online bookmakers will have this type of app. However because Australia is such a developed sports betting market, most bookies down under also have iOS betting apps.

Best iOS esports betting apps

Apple users have got the iOS operating system on their handheld devices and good news is you can download betting apps for these devices.

Apple esports betting apps in Australia, have got to be downloaded directly from the Apple App store, unless you have a jailbroken phone, but we will assume you don’t.

Because Apple has high standards around abiding by Australian laws, they will only show betting apps that are legal in Australia. This means you won’t be able to download an iOS betting app for an offshore bookie without some serious wrangling, although why would you when there are so many good esports betting sites in Australia.

As an example you will find that every Australian betting company has got iOS apps available in the Apple App Store, while in countries like Dubai, where betting is illegal, you won’t find any betting apps for Apple phones and tablets.

eSports web apps 2024

Web apps allow you to create a shortcut on the desktop of your smartphone or tablet that allows you to access the mobile versions of esports betting sites quickly.

PUBGIt’s known as an esports web app because it sits on your homepage like any other app, it just has slightly different functionality, including not having to download software.

Creating an esports betting web app is a simple process and starts with visiting the betting site that you want to make a shortcut for.

You then follow a slightly different process to create a web app, depending on which type of device you are on. A simple Google search will teach you how to make a web app if you have not done it before on your phone. But as a general rule you hit the page options button and choose create shortcut.

Web apps can be a great way to load bookmaker’s website’s instantly, without having to punch in URLs into your mobile browser.

AU Betting apps and esports games

There is more and more esports that have been developed enough to warrant betting on them, with these the biggest esports games in the industry. When we first began covering Australian esports betting there were really only a handful of games that had odds available via betting apps in this part of the world. Now heading into 2024 there are often upwards of 15 different esports at any given time to bet on.

eSports available to bet on via Australian betting apps include:

AU esports betting app payments

The banking, or deposit options, at Australian esports betting sites are varied and most of these options are available on their apps — if they have them. Esports betting apps deposit options will vary dramatically from place to place. For instance Paypal is a common deposit method in places like the United Kingdom, where there is regulated esports betting, but you won’t find Paypal esports betting apps in places like India or Dubai, where sports betting is not legal.

Common payment methods in esports betting apps:

Australian betting app licensing

Australian betting apps must be licensed by a state or territory government, with the Northern Territory surprisingly the no.1 regulator down under. This means esports betting apps like Unibet, Rivalry and PlayUp all boast licenses from here.

Other bookies have their licensing from places like NSW Gaming and Liquor and the South Australian equivalent. These state-based gambling licenses give the betting apps permission to operate online within Australia.

Australian esports betting apps Q and A

Betting online can be a confusing experience for some people and doing so via your mobile phone or tablet can add an extra layer of confusing. Below are some of the questions we have been asked about esports betting apps and how they work. Feel free to drop us a comment in the box below if you have any queries about esports apps in Australia.

  • What is the best betting app for esports in Australia? The bet365 esports app has probably got the most markets out of any Aussie bookie. Although most Australian bookmaker apps are of a high standard.
  • What was the first esports betting app? We believe the first esports betting ap in Australia was Sportsbet.
  • Are there esports betting apps with Paypal deposits in AUD? Paypal is a safe and legal way to fund esports betting apps in Australia
  • Are esports betting apps legal? eSports betting apps in Australia are 100% legal and safe to use.