FIFA has become one of the the most popular console games in the world and has a burgeoning eSports industry surrounding it.

Perhaps the biggest initiative in 2018 will be the launch of Major League Soccer’s eSports competition, with each team in the American football competition boasting a representative playing under its colours.

Existing FIFA eSports Leagues

Major football leagues around the world which have also entered into professional eSports leagues are:

There has been plenty of talk about the English Premier League creating an official eSports League and you can almost guarantee this will happen in the not too distance future, with some of the world’s best players coming from the United Kingdom.

There has even been a FIFA academy set up called For F1FA Sake, which is aimed at identifying the best talent and encourage professional clubs to sign them. They don’t just focus on-field exploits of the player, they are also looking for the right image to promote the clubs.

How to bet on FIFA eSports

Most major online betting sites and sportsbooks offer betting on eSports, with FIFA e-leagues just one of the many events you can wager on.

Typically, because there is still so much unknown about the competitors in each competition, markets will not be framed until the weeks leading up to the event.

As these competitions become more mature in 2018 and beyond you can expect more futures betting, earlier markets and more markets available on the various competitions.

Some of the markets which you can expect in the future include head to head betting, outright winner and looking into the crystal ball, things like tournament leading scorers, just like in major real life football events.


FIFA 18 is universally regarded as the best FIFA game EA has ever made. From this author’s perspective this statement rings true with the rapid advancements in gameplay from the 2017 versions absolutely amazing.

Things to have improved in the 2018 incarnation include the AI, the ball moving more realistically, including better passing, better control in close and more realistic avenues to scoring.

Another huge plus in the 2018 edition of FIFA is the upgrades to the offline modes finally being available and the story mode, which seems to be improving every year. can’t wait to see what the future holds for FIFA.

The history of the FIFA franchise

FIFA was first released in time for Christmas in 1993, but had been in the pipelines in the late 1980s as computers became good enough to power games.

It was notable for being the first game that was fully endorsed by The Federation International de Football Association, the self-appointed body which describes itself as the International body controlling football, futsal and beach soccer.

FIFA has been available on PC and most consoles over the years and has been insanely popular everywhere from the United States, United Kingdom, Europe and the Pacific regions for many years.

In 2018 the game has developed to the point where there are online leagues of all standards, with the gameplay almost unrecognisable to that of yesteryear with lifelike graphics and unparalleled in-game options, which allow you to do everyone a real life team manager would do.

While eSports is a relatively new phenomena, FIFA will undoubtedly grow as more of the big leagues around the world embrace the opportunities and connections that lay in console and computer gaming.