Halo World Championships eSports tournament and schedule

The Halo World Championship is one of the world’s largest, most-watched and most lucrative pro gaming tournaments. It hosts regional champions from the Halo Championship Series, and is run and sponsored by game publisher Microsoft, and Halo series developer, 343 Industries.

The Halo World Championship is governed by the Electronic Sports League (ESL), with the current game played being Halo Infinite. The prize pool in 2016 of $2.5 million was one of the highest ever for a console-game tournament, with the winning team taking home a whopping US$1 Million first-place prize. The Halo World Championship 2024 will have a $1 million prize pool.

Qualification for Halo World Championship 2024

Halo World Championships 2024Qualification for the Halo World Championship is through the Fort Worth Major results. The top eight teams from the Fort Worth Major will automatically qualify for the 2024 World Championships. The final places are taken up by the top Halo Championship Series points from; North America (4) and Europe (2), while one representative will come from each of the Australia/New Zealand and Mexican regional playoff.

The two main events for the Halo World Championship Series are the Fort Worth Major and World Championship, the dates of all Halo Championship events are below.

Event Date Prize money $USD
March 15-17 Arlington Major 2024 $250,000
May 31-June 2 London Major 2024 $250,000
July Atlanta Major 2024 $250,000
September 6-8 Salt Lake City Major 2024 $250,000
October 4-6 Halo World Championship 2024 $1,000,000

Qualifying Rules

  • Game played: Halo Infinite
  • Mode played: 4v4
  • Team must have 4 players
  • Each player must have an active gamertag for Xbox or PC

Halo World Championship 2024 Odds

When odds are available for the Halo World Championship, ESB will update this page.

Halo World Championship Teams

The teams taking their place in the Halo World Championship will be announced closer to the start of the event.

Halo World Championship Format

  • Pool Play

    • Four groups of four teams play a single round-robin
    • All matches are best-of-five
    • Top two teams from each group advance to upper-bracket round one
    • Third team in each group advances to lower-bracket round one
    • fourth team in each group is eliminated
  • Championship Bracket

    • Remaining teams play in a double-elimination bracket
    • All matches are best-of-five, except the grand final that is best-of-seven

Prize pool distribution for the 2024 Halo World Championship

The US$1,000,000 prize pool for the 2024 Halo World Championship will be distributed as the table shows below.

Place Prize Money $USD Halo WC Series Points
1st $400,000 200,000
2nd $220,000 120,000
3rd $110,000 88,000
4th $70,000 72,000
5th-6th $45,000 64,000
7th-8th $25,000 56,000
9th-12th $10,000 44,000
13th-16th $5,000 36,000

History of Halo World Championship winners

Below is the list of Halo World Championship winners throughout its history.

  • 2016 : Counter Logic Gaming
  • 2017 : OpTic Gaming
  • 2018 : Splyce
  • 2022 : OpTic Gaming
  • 2023 : FaZe Clan