Overwatch League betting tips for April 12
by Ken Robson in
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The Overwatch League has entered week 2 of Stage 3 and there are many matches to be played over the next 3 days. As always, multiple betting opportunities are available but before I start analyzing them, let’s see take a look at the standings table after week 1.


Stage 3 standings table

1st place: New York Excelsior (2 WINS – 0 LOSSES)
2nd place: Los Angeles Valiant (2 WINS – 0 LOSSES)
3rd place: Boston Uprising (2 WINS – 0 LOSSES)
4th place: Philadelphia Fusion (1 WIN – 1 LOSS)
5th place: Los Angeles Gladiators (1 WIN – 1 LOSS)
6th place: Dallas Fuel (1 WIN – 1 LOSS)
7th place: Seoul Dynasty (1 WIN – 1 LOSS)
8th place: San Francisco Shock (1 WIN – 1 LOSS)
9th place: Houston Outlaws (1 WIN – 1 LOSS)
10th place: London Spitfire (0 WINS – 2 LOSSES)
11th place: Florida Mayhem (0 WINS – 2 LOSSES)
12th place: Shanghai Dragons (0 WINS – 2 LOSSES)

Betting predictions for April 12, 2018

Boston Uprising (2W – 0L) vs. New York Excelsior (2W – 0L)

Boston Uprising had a great start in Stage 3 and won two matches against two strong opponents: Philadelphia Fusion (score 3 – 2) and Houston Outlaws (score 4 – 0). On the other side, New York Excelsior had a similar start, crushing Florida Mayhem (score 4 – 0) and London Spitfire (score 4 – 0), the Stage 1 winner. However, given the fact that New York Excelsior has been the strongest team in OWL overall, and that Boston Uprising has recently lost one of its best players (DreamKazper) due to allegations of sexual misconduct, it is much more likely that the New York team will win this match against Boston Uprising. The head to head record (2 – 0 in favor of New York Excelsior) suggests the same outcome.
Bovada puts the odds at -1100 / +500 or around 1.09 – 6.00 in favor of New York Excelsior, anticipating an easy victory in its faovor.

Betting prediction: New York Excelsior to win, paying -3333.33 at BetOnline.

London Spitfire (0W – 2L) vs. Florida Mayhem (0W – 2L)

Both of these teams messed up in their first week of Stage 3. London Spitfire lost against New York Excelsior (0 – 4) and Houston Outlaws (2 – 3), while Florida Mayhem was defeated by New York Excelsior (0 – 4) and Philadelphia Fusion (1 – 3). Both the head to head record (2 – 0 in favor of London Spitfire) and overall performance throughout the Overwatch League clearly indicate that London Spitfire should win this match with ease.
Bovada puts the odds at -550 / +325 or around 1.18 – 4.25 in favor of London Spitfire, which is amazing considering Spitfire’s chance of winning (around 95%).

Betting prediction: London Spitfire to win, paying -909.09 at BetOnline.

Philadelphia Fusion (1W – 1L) vs. Houston Outlaws (1W – 1L)

Both of these teams had an average start in Stage 3. Philadelphia Fusion lost against Boston Uprising (2 – 3) and won against Florida Mayhem (3 – 1), while Houston Outlaws lost against Boston Uprising (0 – 4) and won against London Spitfire (3 – 2). Based on these results (notice the huge score difference between Philadelphia Fusion’s defeat against Boston Uprising and Houston Outlaw’s), the head to head record (2 – 0 in favor of Philadelphia Fusion), and Philadelphia Fusion’s result in Stage 2 (Playoffs finalist), I think it’s pretty obvious who the favorite is in this match.
Bovada puts the odds at -275 / +180 or around 1.36 – 2.80 in favor of Philadelphia Fusion, allowing you to get an amazing profit while risking little.

Betting prediction: Philadelphia Fusion to win, paying -357.14 at BetOnline.

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