Valorant Champions Tour 2024

VALORANT Champions Tour betting is available all year round with most esports betting sites boasting markets on this popular Riot Games title. The VCT is the biggest series on an ever-growing VALORANT calendar and wagering happens all around the globe, although is particularly popular in the USA, South America, Asia and Europe. VCT betting is now gearing towards the VALORANT Champions, which will crown the world champion. Continue reading our VALORANT Champions Tour Series betting guide to get the latest VCT news, VCT betting sites, key event dates, tournament structure and much more.

VCT esports news & tips

Since VALORANT burst into the esports scene in 2021 with the first VALORANT Champions Tour, esports betting sites have adopted the tournament series and now feature extensive odds and promotions surrounding it. With the VALORANT Champions Tour running for the entire year, bettors are afforded the opportunity to bet on VALORANT all year long.

With a monthly average user (MAU) of about 15 million people and counting, the esports game has been pegged to be the next billion-dollar esports franchise. It is growing attention and users have made it imperative for betting sites to feature a variety of betting markets to serve the massive betting market. In this article, we will share with you everything you need to know as regards VALORANT Champions Tour betting.

VALORANT Champions Tour 2024

VALORANT Champions Tour 2024 is Riot Games’ fourth official tournament circuit. The organizers, in an attempt to improve the competitive nature of the qualifying circuit, made some changes to VCT 2024.

The VCT will now run in four distinct regions across the world with the Americas, EMEA, China and Pacific regions all hosting professional VALORANT tournaments.

By the end of the year, the VALORANT Champions Tour will come to an end with the return of the women’s league for VALORANT pros in VALORANT Game Changers. The tournament will be an international event like the Champions and is scheduled to be held in November.

Valorant Champions Tour

VCT 2024 key dates

The VALORANT Champions Tour runs all year long across all regions. With a robust and busy calendar, Riot Games hopes to thrill the fans to a series of nerve-racking back-to-back tournaments on the tour.

In 2024, a new system was introduced for the VALORANT Champions Tour. Teams will earn Championship Points throughout the year, which will be used to help teams qualify for international events.

Team will earn one point for each win during League Stages and teams will earn three points for winning regional Kickoff, Masters 1 or 2 and Stage 1 playoffs.

Below is a detailed outline of the key dates for various tournaments in the VCT 2024.

VCT Kickoff

EMEA League February 20
Americas League February 17
Pacific League February 17
China League February 22

Masters 1: Madrid

International March 14 – 24

International League: Stage 1

Americas April 6 – May 12
EMEA April 3 – May 12
China April 5 – May 12
Pacific April 6 – May 12

Masters 2: Shanghai

International May 23 – June 9

International League: Stage 2

Americas June 22 – July 21
EMEA June 18 – July 19
China June 15 – July 21
Pacific June 15 – July 21

Valorant Champions : Seoul

International August 1-25

Game Changers Open

Latin America South TBA
North America TBA

Game Changers Championship

International TBA


VCT Regions

VALORANT Champions Tour regions have been changed for the 2024 VCT, moving too three regions for the 2024 season and beyond.

Below is a list of VCT regions.

  • Americas
  • Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA)
  • Asia
  • China

VCT Major Events 2024

There are various events across all regions in the 2024 VALORANT Champions Tour. With the tour format consisting of three different levels of tournament: Challengers, Masters and Champions; and there exist several events organised in every level.

VCT Challengers

The VCT Challengers are open qualifiers played in various regions, with teams competing for spots at Masters events as well as prize money.

Below are major challengers events:

  • VCT 2024:

    • Stage 1 Challengers
  • VCT 2024:

    • Stage 2 Challengers
  • VCT Masters

    In the Masters, teams stand a chance to win bigger prize pools and VCT points. Teams with high VCT points qualify for Champions. Major events at the Masters are:

    • VCT 2024: Madrid Masters
    • VCT 2024: Shanghai Masters
  • VCT Champions

    Champions is the Apex tournament of the entire season. Only the best teams across each region participate, with one team becoming the VALORANT World Champion. It is the most sought-after title in the VALORANT esports scene, with a huge prize pool attached to it.

    • VALORANT Champions 2024: Seoul, South Korea

VCT 2024 Stage 1 Odds

Below you will find the odds for any team “To Win Outright” at VCT Americas Stage 1;

  • Sentinels – +225
  • NRG – +250
  • LOUD – +275
  • Leviatan – +333
  • 100 Thieves – +2000
  • Evil Geniuses – +2200
  • G2 Esports – +2500
  • Cloud9 – +4000
  • MIBR – +5000
  • KRU Esports – +5000
  • FURIA – +8000

Below you will find the odds for any team “To Win Outright” at VCT China Stage 1;

  • EDward Gaming – -200
  • FunPlus Phoenix – +550
  • Trace Esports – +600
  • Bilibili Gaming – +650
  • Wolves Esports – +2000
  • Dragon Ranger – +2200
  • NOVA Esports – +3300
  • TYLOO – +4000
  • Titan Esports Club – +5000
  • JD Gaming – +10000
  • ALL GAMERS – +20000

Below you will find the odds for any team “To Win Outright” at VCT EMEA Stage 1;

  • Fnatic – +162
  • Karmine Corp – +450
  • Natus Vincere – +500
  • Team Heretics – +650
  • Team Vitality – +800
  • Team Liquid – +900
  • FUT Esports – +1200
  • GIANTX – +1600
  • Gentle Mates – +3300
  • KOI – +4000
  • BBL Esports – +5000

Below you will find the odds for any team “To Win Outright” at VCT Pacific Stage 1;

  • Gen.G – +187
  • Paper Rex – +200
  • DRX – +350
  • T1 – +800
  • BLEED – +1200
  • Team Secret – +1600
  • Talon Esports – +2000
  • ZETA DIVISION – +3300
  • Global Esports – +5000
  • Rex Regum Qeon – +5000
  • DetonatioN FocusMe – +10000

VALORANT Champions Tour Structure

Following the success of the previous season, Riot Games decided to increase the competitive nature by running a super tournament that spans throughout the year. Since its announcement in 2020, the interest level in the VCT has soared with almost all major esports organizations interested.

VALORANT Champions Tour is structured to feature two distinct stages, with each stage containing two regional league events. The regional league events are followed by a single Masters event. The VALORANT Champions tournament will end the series in September in an offline event with the best VALORANT teams from all different regions competing to become the best in the world.

The series commences with teams from all regions battling to secure a spot at the first international competition of the series, the VCT 2022: Stage 1 Masters. The teams will all compete in the qualifiers held through the Challengers series. Top teams in the playoffs advances to the next upcoming Masters event.

Stage 1 Masters will feature eight teams from all participating regions, distributed in the following format: Americas (2 slots), EMEA (2 slots), China (2 slot), APAC (2 slots). The same applies for Stage 2 Masters.

VALORANT Champions Tour 2024

The most prestigious international VALORANT tournament of the year, VALORANT Champions will feature 16 of the best teams in the world competing for the championship title. There are various ways in which teams can qualify for the Champions, including circuit points from finishing highly in regional leagues and Masters.

16 slots will be allotted using circuit points with each of the Americas , EMEA, China and APAC all receiving four slots for the season ending event.

How to bet on VCT 2024

The VCT betting sites outlined above offer bettors the opportunity to place wagers using various VALORANT betting markets. But like every sportsbook, bettors are expected to create and fund an account, although there are many deposit options and all of this can. be done via mobile.

Most VALORANT betting sites have got downloadable bookie apps available and will have both futures odds and match day markets available. Some of the most popular ways to bet on the VCT include moneyline betting and handicap betting.

You can learn more about the top esports betting sites in our extensive guide, which includes betting sites for various regions and territories.

Valorant Logo

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Popular VALORANT Champions Tour bet types

  • Moneyline betting
    Irrespective of the tournament you’re looking to place a wager on in VALORANT Champions Tour betting, moneyline bets are the most popular. It cuts across all game formats, be it the best-of-ones or best-of-threes, bettors wager on the winning team of the game. For those new to the VALORANT Champions Tour betting, moneyline betting is the easiest to use.
  • ValorantTotal Betting
    Total betting is similar to the over/under betting where one predicts if a game will go over or under a particular metric. In VALORANT, total betting offers the bettor the opportunity to predict if a series will go over or under a certain number of matches. For example, a bettor is allowed to wager on whether the series will end in over 2.5 maps or under in a best-of-three series.
  • Handicap Betting
    This offers an unfair advantage to one team at the detriment of the other in a given game. It allows the bettor set margins for the top team to win by before it can be considered as a win. Handicap betting in VALORANT can be placed on maps as well as on rounds in individual maps.

    Example: In a best-of-three series, a +1.5 map handicap offers the team an advantage, as the team only requires to win a map for the bettor to secure a win. Also, given the same format, a – 1.5 map handicap translates to the team needing two straight map wins for the bettor to secure a payout.

    The same applies to the round handicaps, but it ussd in line with the number of rounds needed to win a VALORANT game (13). For instance, a +4.5 round handicap placed on OpTic Gaming over FunPlus Phoenix, means that OpTic needs to win a minimum of 9 rounds in order for the bettors’ wager to be considered a win. On the other hand, a – 4.5 round handicap translates to OpTic winning the game by a 13-8 score for the bet to be considered as successful.

  • Prop Betting
    Prop betting is one of the most difficult betting style and is only used by expert bettors. This style of betting involves critical knowledge of the team’s and demands a lot of research.
    Prop betting allow bettors to stake on smaller occurrences within the game that do not necessarily determine the outcome of the game. These type of occurrences are outcome of pistol rounds, overtime, first blood and so on. While it is difficult to pull off, it is highly rewarding.

    Some examples of prop betting include the prediction of who will plant the spike first, whether or not a player will be able to ace the opponents are some of the ways to place a prop bet.

How to watch the VCT 2024

The VALORANT Champions Tour 2024 can be watched live on Riot Games’ official Twitch channels and YouTube. All of the major VCT events are also streamed live on many esports betting sites.

Twitch Youtube VCT Live