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Team Vitality has made some changes to its roster ahead of the commencement of the 2022 League of Legends European Championship Summer Split.

The team released its jungler, Oskar “Selfmade” Boderek and will replace him with former world champion Kang “Haru” Min-seung.

Team Vitality made the announcement on its official Twitter page to announce the departure of Selfmade but the roster change was first hinted at in early May by Upcomer, but finally confirmed on Monday.


The League of Legends team’s roster change comes two weeks before the start of the LEC split, as the franchise looks to put its best foot forward. The organization terms its decision as a necessity, stating that it was important for the team to adapt and exhaust new options when the problem of two different playing styles not mixing arose.

“In order to reach our goal, one of the changes we will be making going into the Summer Split is that Oskar “Selfmade” Boderek will no longer be an active member on the starting roster,” the statement read.

“Selfmade is an incredibly talented player and well liked within the team, but League of Legends is a complex game with many different play-styles that have to come together. When two different playstyles can’t be mixed well enough it is important to be able to adapt and try new options.”

“Selfmade has been an integral member of the team and we are very thankful for all of his contributions to the teams and interactions with our fans. We believe that Selfmade will be able to shine as the talented player he is on another team, and we will be working closely together with Selfmade to make sure he lands on a team where he can continue to succeed.”

Coach Mephisto spoke about the release of Selfmade, thanked him for his contributions to the team, and wished him the best going forward. He stated that the decision was made after a close evaluation of the team’s LoL Spring split performance, where the coaching staff came to the conclusion that change at the jungle position bears the “best potential for success”.

Speaking about the signing of Haru, the organization stated that the search was no easy feat and as such tons of players were studied in the search for the right fit. Vitality reassured its fans that the world championship winner is the right addition to the team at this time.

Mephisto also commented on the acquisition of Haru. He revealed that he watched over 30 scrimmage games to get an opinion about the 24-year old. He asserted that the player will have an instant impact on the team’s midgame, leading the team to more victories.

“I watched Haru play over 30 scrim games to have an informed opinion both in practice and in official games,” he said. “I trust that he will be able to come in and impact our midgame to lead to more victories and success.”


Alongside the signing of Haru, Team Vitality also procured the services of former FunPlus Phoenix jungler Zhou “Bo” Yang-bo as a substitute. Bo, the franchise said, will need time to acclimate himself to the new country, culture, and language.

Vitality also announced the signing of an assistant coach, Dorde “Spale” Spasic. The team’s official roster will be released before its first outing in the LEC Summer Split on June 17.

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