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The League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational semifinals commenced earlier today with Royal Never Give Up taking on Evil Geniuses in a best of 5 series. With the first semifinal fixture coming to an end, RNG claimed victory over EG. The two-time MSI champions are officially finalists for the 7th MSI Finals.

In their earlier match-up in the rumble stage leading to the semifinals, RNG had gotten the better of EG on both occasions. So their decision to choose EG as their preferred semifinal opponent did not come as a surprise.

RNG defeated EG in a clean sweep, winning all three maps to close out the series. The North American esports team could not win a map despite coming close on the second and third maps. Xiaohu made a difference for the Chinese franchise, as he was critical to the team’s success.

The second semifinal fixture will hold on Saturday between T1 and G2 Esports, as they battle for a chance to compete for the MSI championship title. Whoever triumphs in the match-up will take on RNG on Sunday for the grand finale.

RNG, who are the MSI defending champions, are on track to retain their title after such a terrific campaign. In the rumble stage, they had lost a game each to T1 and G2, so there is no telling who will clinch the title. They could make history as the first team to win the prestigious title for a record three times.

Overview of the semifinals fixture between RNG Vs EG

RNG obliterated EG in the first map, their dominance was unmatched as they won the map convincing. They revealed their game plan early and maintained dominance all through the game. 12 minutes into the game, RNG has recorded 6 kills and secured a lead of over 5,000 gold.

After decimating the top lane, RNG moved on to the bot lane and caused further damage, increasing their kill. They first acquired their third dragon before knocking down three EG’s inhibitors and a baron. They also acquired 11 EG towers but lost none of theirs while only losing a dragon.

RNG ended the game with 22 kills as opposed to EG’s one kill, as GALA completed the most kills (9) with Kai’Sa. While the least player on RNG’s roster recorded 2 kills, EG’s lone kill was achieved by Jojopyun. RNG recorded a difference of approximately 18,000 gold, having recorded 58,500 gold as opposed to EG’s 40,600.

EG had a better outing in Game 2, they were able to muster some resistance against RNG’s early pressure. They took the early advantage with an amazing team fight and good play from Jojopyun.

But the game slept away from their grip after Xiaohu of RNG effected a perfect ambush against Inspired. RNG sacrificed their lives in exchange for a play that saw them secure the Cloud Soul, after which they wiped off EG players and claimed their Nexus. The game ended with RNG completing 19 kills, while EG finished with 15 kills.

Game 3 commenced with RNG taking an early lead after controlling the lanes and making some kills. EG fought hard, but RNG eventually ravaged their base and won the third map. RNG recorded 27 kills in comparison to EG’s 16 kills to close out the series.
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