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The Chinese champions Royal Never Give Up were permitted to participate remotely in the 2022 League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational due to COVID-19 travel issues. However, there have been complaints regarding the ping, forcing Riot Games to cancel their first three wins of the competition.

Riot put out a statement that the tournament will operate with a 35-millisecond ping between China and Korea to maintain competitive integrity, but those at the live location have complained about the connectivity.

Complaints came from several participants at the event, with the most consistent complaint centered around the stability of the ping. The same latency tool was used in the LPL vs LCK Showdown during the 2020 Mid-Season Cup, but no issues were reported.

After data evaluations by Riot’s technical team, they discovered discrepancies in the ping. Apparently, the data on the logs were different from what was observed in the live arena.

“Following extensive technical evaluation of the competitive and training environments during the first three days of the 2022 Mid-Season Invitational, we discovered the following Day 3 that there was a discrepancy in the latency being reported in game logs for all matches versus what was being experienced in the Busan venue.”

Due to recent developments, Riot opted to cancel RNG’s first three games. All three have been rescheduled and will be played within the stipulated date for group stage matches.

With the issue reportedly fixed, RNG will have to replicate their previous performances to finish first in the group. The group stage, which started on May 10, will run until May 15.

Their first three games were against Group B counterparts Istanbul Wildcats, PSG Talon, and RED Canids. They won the best-0f-1 series against all teams comfortably, but those victories have been dismissed by the organizers.

Riot Never Give Up has asserted its dominance in the 2022 MSI

With their initial three wins canceled, RNG’s slate was wiped clean with the team having to replay all three initial group stage matches. However, the LPL representatives were not fazed as they won all three games originally scheduled for today, becoming the third team yet to lose a game in the tournament.

The team’s first match was against the Wildcats, and they got back on the board. Even with a two-hour gap between all three matches, RNG was able to secure victories in all three games.

It is great to see that the team did not drop their heads after receiving the news that their first three games were canceled. They came out and took care of business, looking to reassert their dominance in the tournament.

As the group stage follows a double round-robin format, RNG will play against all three teams in their group once again on May 14. A top-two finish will see them advance to the next round, and they currently top the Group B standings with a 3-0 record. as they look to retain their title.

The MSI is currently being held at the Busan Exhibition & Convention Center in South Korea. Eleven teams from the individual Riot Leagues are competing for a piece of the $250,000 prize fund.
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