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North America esports news

Floppy Set to Stay at Cloud9

We finally have confirmation that Ricky “⁠floppy⁠” Kemery will remain with Cloud9 in the new Counter-Strike: Global Offensive rebuild. He’s the fourth member to be signed in this period. We’re still awaiting the final two signings as GM Henry “HenryG” Greer has confirmed he’s building a six-man squad.

The decision to keep floppy on the team should prove beneficial as he’s on his way to becoming one of the best players in the US. There are mixed feelings among fans regarding the rebuild, but floppy should keep hope alive as he’s a star player.

The new Cloud9 CS: GO roster will shift from an American base to the European region.

Asia esports news

China Dota PIT Season 3 Upper Bracket Final

Saturday will see the OGA Dota Pit upper-bracket final between PSG.LGD and Team Aster. They’re among the strongest Dota 2 teams in the region, and we’re expecting a thriller of a meeting.

PSG.LGD took the crown in their most recent encounter and will start favorites at Chinese esports betting sites. They’re also the favorites to take the crown in the grand final.

Africa esports news

rAge Valorant Cup

The rAge expo opted to move digital this year, so the Valorant Cup will also be online. Mettlestate is hosting the event, with entries already open. Contestants have until October 14 to sign up before the tournament commences on October 15.

The group stage will run from October 15 through to the 26th; then we’ll jump into two days of playoffs. The rAge Digital Edition will be held a couple of days later, from November 6 to the 8th.

Europe esports news

SKADE Disqualified from ESEA MDL Season 35

It seems that every passing week brings a negative light to the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive community. Over recent weeks, several star players announced their departure from the game as they transition to Valorant.

After dozens of coaches received bans for using a bug to their advantage, some have put their rosters in jeopardy. SKADE, who were ranked fourth on the ESEA MDL Season 35 standings, are now disqualified.

During Season 34, their coach, Nikolay “⁠pNshr⁠” Paunin, used a spectator bug in several rounds when the team played against Movistar Riders. ESIC have already sanctioned him, but the news that he used the bug in the ESEA MDL competition resulted in his team’s disqualification.

This dismissal opens the door for other rosters to move up the ladder, although the odds remain in Sprout’s favor to win the ESEA MDL S35 campaign.

South America esports news

Imperial Lose Two Players in Two Days

Rumour has it that a new esports organization is forming and backed by Real Madrid star Casemiro. The group’s name is still unknown, but Imperial has already lost two key players to the new team.

Imperial recently confirmed they had sold Felipe “⁠delboNi⁠” Delbonit to the new organization, where he’ll reunite with Lucas “⁠LUCAS1⁠” Teles. LUCAS1 only spent a brief time with Imperial and announced his departure yesterday.

While we await the organization’s name and future roster announcement, we’re hoping that the two former teammates achieve more success than they did with Imperial.

Oceania esports news

Oceanic Esports League Week 10

The highlight of matchday three in the Oceanic Esports League will be the battle between Adio Chula and Bokebi. The two are fierce competitors, sitting third and fourth respectively in the standings.

Bokebi are the clear favorites at Dota 2 betting sites on the back of their superior recent form. Adio Chula have plateaued of late, closing two of their latest games in a draw. On the other hand, Bokebi are on a winning streak, with their only loss coming from a match against the near-unstoppable cuteanimegirls.

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