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Even before the dust has settled in New York following the first-ever Fortnite World Cup, a question mark has appeared over the future of Fortnite esports and what the second half of 2019 might bring.

After a $100 million event, expectations are high as Epic Games looks to raise the bar for esports tournaments worldwide.

With the long-awaited launch of Fortnite Season X on Thursday, August 1, we were also introduced to the Fortnite Champion Series – an in-game weekly tournament with dedicated prize pools and a leaderboard to track the progress and performance of each player.

Like the Fortnite World Cup, this new game mode will feature online qualifiers every weekend that will lead the top teams to the Season X Championship in September. The qualifiers will kick off on Saturday, August 17 and run over five weeks.

Unlike the World Cup, the FCS will operate in Trio mode for its first season, meaning only teams of three will be able to compete in the series.

It was also revealed that the Fortnite Champion Series will provide the top players with generous prize pools for each weekly event.




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While Epic is keeping the size of the pots a secret for now, the company has hinted that millions of dollars could be put on the line every week.

Those who prefer to rely on their own skills rather than those of teammates will be happy to hear Season X will feature Fortnite Cash Cup tournaments.

These single-day competitions will give players the opportunity to battle over separate prize pools reserved for Cash Cup events.

The first Solo Cash Cup is set to kick off on Wednesday, August 21, with four more to follow.

Wednesday events will require participants to be at Contender level or above, whereas Thursday events will require Champion status.

Cash Cup will also have its own edition for Trios, set to begin on Friday, August 23, followed by three more tournaments in the course of next three weeks.


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