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The last couple of weeks have truly been a joy for any Fortnite Battle Royale fan. The ninth season is in overtime, the Fortnite World Cup has crowned its new champions and Fortnite Season 10 is just around the corner.

Epic Games have done their job in hyping up the next season by revealing three teaser images that suggest the 10th edition of the competition will either take us back in time or help us explore the future.

Besides the thematic hints, Epic did not reveal much information. It is not even clear whether it will be called Season 10 or Season X as suggested in their three teaser images, where a huge X can be seen in the background.




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Nonetheless, we can at least be certain about the most important part. Fortnite Season 10 will begin on August 1, which is the same day Season 9 overtime challenges are scheduled to end.

The upcoming campaign will bring new skins, cosmetics, challenges and map changes along with several other additions to the game. And if the teasers are anything to go by, there will be a lot of changes, maybe even a surprise return of old areas and buildings.

On July 28, we saw a Twitter post with a caption that read “Think back” and a picture of Dusty Depot, which was one of the classic locations before it got smashed to pieces by a meteor. Those clues suggest the theme might be time-travel related.

A day later, another Twitter post appeared with a mecha-like figure and the caption “Think ahead”, once again suggesting a time-travel theme, only this time with a more futuristic spin to it. It is also worth noting the small symbol on the left was used in Fortnite Season 4 by the Visitor, who was a time traveler.

Last but not least was the third teaser image revealed on July 30, showcasing the fully upgraded Drift skin alongside a skeleton-like skin and the caption “Twist Time”.

While we try to gather the pieces and figure out what the next season will bring, we at least can be assured the Battle Pass for Fortnite Season 10 will remain at 950 V-Bucks or 2800 V-Bucks for the Battle Bundle.


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