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Anthony “CLASIA” Kearney from Evil Geniuses has reportedly been benched by the sister team of the organization, EG.CA. It is understood the 18-year-old player has been made inactive after being accused of displaying an unacceptable attitude towards the team.
The Counter Strike: Global Offensive player confirmed the news on Twitter and revealed that he regretted his actions: “I’ve been removed from EG and severely disappointed in myself. I know I am better than what I showed to my teammates and everyone.”
He started playing with Evil Geniuses in June this year. At the time, the esports organization was signing on players for the Blueprint Project and had already brought on players from Carpe Diem and Party Astronauts. The coaches brought in from Carpe Diem and Party Astronauts were supposed to join the coaching staff of Evil Geniuses.
The ambitious Blueprint Project was created to host a 15-man ‘fluid roster’ of three teams and would aid EG in expanding their competition approach and CS:GO event attendance. It would help the organization manage several rosters in different tournaments and ensure that the players involved do not experience burnout or exhaustion. The rosters would be a part of major international competitions such as the ESL Pro League and Majors, as well as small-scale regional competitions like Fragadelphia, ESL Challengers, and others.
The idea of using multiple rosters was to prevent burnout among the players, especially North Americans unused to the several top-tier competitions in Europe. The three rosters would reportedly start the matches together; however, they would be shuffled later to ensure each group had a considerable chance of success.
Evil Geniuses have reportedly already found a potential replacement for CLASIA. Peter “Stanislaw” Jarguz left the esports organization in 2021 and could be planning to rejoin the team soon.
Stanislaw joined Evil Geniuses in 2019 with the rest of his team and helped achieve some of their most significant wins in CS:GO. After stanislaw and his team were signed, they won the ESL One New York 2019 as well as the StarSeries & i-League CS:GO Season 8. During the online era, the player also helped win the ESL One Cologne 2020 Online NA and the BLAST Premier Spring 2020 American Finals.
Things took a turn for the worse at the end of 2021 when Evil Geniuses were in 15-16th place at the PSL Major Stockholm 2021. Stanislaw, Owen “oBo” Schlatter, and Michał “⁠MICHU⁠” Müller oBo were released after the competition, and the Canadian went on to play for teams like BHOP Esports and Disconnected.
Besides CLASIA, Evil Genius previously removed one of their players from the active roster to join the content-creation section. Jake “Stewie2K” Yip recently announced that he would take up the role of streaming content from CS:GO and VALORANT for the foreseeable future.
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