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Call Of Duty World League (CWL) Championship group stage came to a close on Thursday, August 15 leaving us with the final 16 teams who earnt their spot in the playoffs. takes a look at the betting opportunities and predicted winners for the Friday final 16 matches.

Featuring only the best of the best Call Of Duty (CoD) scene has to offer, the Call Of Duty World League Championships playoffs will by no means be a walk in the park for any of the 16 teams, as they will all have to be on top of their game to earn their spot in round two and hopefully a spot in the finals. Now let’s check which teams advanced into playoffs, who they got paired with and our predictions for who will win their way through to the next round.

Call Of Duty World League (CWL) Championship Games Friday, August 16; 10:00 AM PDT

Team Envy v UNITS

Team Envy deserves all the praise for their incredible performance during the group stage. While seeing them advance is no shock, they impressed with a 3:2 win over Reciprocity, clearly showing they mean business. Priced at 1.61 to defeat UNITS (2.20), Envy are the favourites which is more than fair. While UNITS are by no means a team to be underestimated, they are expected to struggle against the incredibly experienced and hot Envy.
Expect Envy to continue with their winning streak and advance into round two
Prediction: Team Envy to win Odds: 1.61

Singularity v Sicario Gaming

This one promises to be an exciting match featuring Singularity (1.53) and Sicario (2.37), who both performed admirably well throughout the group stage. Out of the two, however, it’s Singularity who impressed the most. Not only did they finish the group stage 3-0, they crushed Luminosity by showcasing the incredible skill and team play. Sicario on the other side finished second in pool F, which is by no means a bad result, considering they had to battle 100 Thieves for number one spot. All in all, this one could be a close one. Singularity are in an excellent form, whereas Sicario seems to be slightly underrated, however, when push comes to shove, we will trust Singularity to continue their run and defeat Sicario.
Prediction: Singularity to win Odd: 1.53

Call Of Duty World League (CWL) Championship Games Friday, August 16; 11:30 AM PDT

Splyce v Evil Geniuses

Considering how these two teams performed in the group stage, it’s only normal to see Splyce (1.61) as the favourites to defeat EG (2.20) in the first round of playoffs. Splyce finished their group stage with a perfect 3:0 score and even more impressive 9:1 in maps. EG on the other side finished their group G 2:1 and 7:4 in maps. However, we need to consider EG had arguably harder group compared to Splyce. We believe this fixture can go either way. We believe EG can pull off an upset here and at 2.20 offered on them, we will take our chances and back Evil Geniuses to deliver.
Prediction: Evil Geniuses to win Odds: 2.20

eUnited v Team WaR

Team WaR (7.00) already packed their bags, as they need to defeat eUnited (1.083) in what seems like an impossible match to win.
While CWL Champs had its fair share of upset wins and shocking results, Team WaR chances to defeat eUnited in playoffs are slim, to say the least. No point in betting against eUnited here.
Prediction: eUnited to win Odds: 1.083

Call Of Duty World League (CWL) Championship Games Friday, August 16; 1:00 PM PDT

Luminosity v 100 Thieves

A lot of hopes have been put in Luminosity (3.50) to deliver in the group stage, but unfortunately, they failed to deliver. By finishing second, they now found themselves facing off 100 Thieves (1.28), meaning they are in for an extremely tough match. Before the tournament began, we would trust Luminosity to have a solid chance to defeat 100 Thieves, but from what they have shown in the group stage, we don’t think they have what it takes to derail the home team. They struggled against amateur teams and if that is anything to go by, 100 Thieves should have an easy time defeating them.
Prediction: 100 Thieves to win Odds: 1.28

FaZe v Reciprocity

The round one fixture between FaZe (1.53) and Reciprocity (2.37) will give Reciprocity a chance to redeem themselves following a questionable performance in the group stage. While we believe FaZe are rightfully the favourites here, they are severely overrated. Looking back at group stage, Reciprocity disappointed with a defeat against Envy, but considering how solid Envy looked, we cannot put too much weight on that defeat. Reciprocity have a solid chance to derail FaZe and while it will by no means be an easy task, we will trust the underdogs to upset FaZe here.
Prediction: Reciprocity to win Odds: 2.37

Call Of Duty World League (CWL) Championship Games Friday, August 16; 2:30 PM PDT

OpTic Gaming v Heretics

OpTic Gaming enter their round one of playoffs as heavy favourites (1.16) to defeat Team Heretics (4.50), which is more than fair.
The Green Wall did not disappoint their fans in the group stage, where they managed to finish first, ahead of Evil geniuses, TrainHard and Carnage Gaming. Heretics on the other side finished their group stage 2:1. The only team that defeated were Splyce, who dominated pool H. Seeing how Heretics crushed all but Splyce makes us believe they are a solid team, but when faced against pro teams, Heretics seemingly struggle. We believe Heretics have what it takes to push OpTic to five games, however, they lack the experience and quality to derail one of the most iconic CoD teams.
Prediction: OpTic to win Odds: 1.16

Elevate v Enigma6

Last but not least, we have got Elevate (2.37) versus Enigma6 (1.53). Enigma6 are a team that impressed us in the group stage, where they looked incredibly strong. They finished their group stage with a 3:0 record and a breath taking 9:1 in maps, which is nothing to joke about, especially considering they demolished Gen.G. Elevate on the other side finished pool A tied with Celtic FC and RBL at 1:2. They did end up earning a spot in the final 16, despite some questionable performances, which failed to impress us. At the end of the day, Elevate only managed to defeat RBL eSports and even then they dropped one map. All in all, we do not trust Elevate to stand a chance against the dangerous Enigma6.
Prediction: Enigma6 to win Odds: 1.53

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