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Prodigy eSports winner match 5 Call of Duty World League Sydney

Prodigy eSports cleanly defeat Rage ESC to make an impressive 3-0 win in match #5 of the Call of Duty World League Sydney Open 1.

Another match-up, another clean sweep. Tainted Minds, Mindfreak, Rebellious and Validate Black beat down their competition in the previous four rounds with ease for similar 3-0 victories.

Match 5 opened with an amazing performance by Prodigy, with teammate Guydra landing a crucial three-piece kill to secure a hard-earned 250-194 on Breakout at Hardpoint.

Unfortunately for Rage ESC, Search and Destroy on Crusher did not go so well and Prodigy took the win with a cruisy 6-2.

Prodigy then went on to dominate Precinct, Uplink 19-2 to successfully grab the oh-so-sweet fifth 3-0 clean sweep today .

Match 6, the final round for the day, will pit Rage ESC versus Prodigy eSports, which is sure to be a ripper of a match-up.

That $14,000 top cash prize looks to be firmly in the cross-hairs of five very talented winning teams.

For the remaining match of today and the teams to play tomorrow, watch ESL Australia’s CWL Open 1 Sydney via the official MLG stream, running the entire March 3-5 weekend.

Follow us on our official eSportBet Twitter page for live updates, tips and score-cards.

Don’t fret if you can’t watch this weekend’s action: CWL Sydney Open 2 is officially set for May 12-14, so expect plenty more Call of Duty Infinite Warfare eSports action.

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