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by Jur Dava in
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Patch #11 is coming to a PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds near you.

This new patch will bring some changes the fans have been asking for as well as some surprises.

The highlights of the patch notes are:

  • Plane Ride: Now players can plan their landings ahead of time. In patch #10, players on the plane couldn’t see the route or the final point. It led to some improvisation since the players weren’t sure about the direction and it changed with every game. Now a visible line will be drawn and players can see it on the lobby. It will make the entire landing easier.
  • Spectators: Custom games will be open for casual spectators. Players can choose to set a password in order to keep their game private.
  • Equinox Crate: A skin doesn’t improve a player’s abilities, but it will make everything look better. The Equinox Crate will be introducing new rare skins for weapons. There is a 25% chance of getting and Equinox Crate as a Weekly Random Crate. The rarest skin is the Shark Bite for the Kar98k. All the skins obtained on the Equinox Crate can be sold after seven days.
  • Target Practice: No, it’s not a tool to practice your aiming. “Target Practice” is the newest skin for the frying pan. Yes, the frying pan is getting a new rare skin. It can be purchased individually for 5,000 BP.
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