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This match-up starts on Wednesday, January 16, 2019 – 13:00 UTC+8.

Royal is set for an elimination match-up against WarriorsGaming.Unity (WGU) after the tier 3 squad qualified for the ANGGAME Lower Bracket from the China Region.

WGU dropped to the Lower Bracket after being whitewashed by IAMPOINT CLUB two days ago.

IAMPOINT CLUB (IP) displayed good drafting skill in both games, immediately picking Dazzle and Sven in their first picking phase.

Dazzle is a hero that could be put into position two or support role, while Sven has the same advantage in this meta. IP had control of the draft the moment they picked Dazzle and Sven and WGU wasted a ban on Tidehunter (a offlane hero) because IP decided to put Sven in position three.


Although WGU drafted a dream combo – Anti-Mage and Magnus, however IP reacted very well to that combo by picking up Shadow Shaman and Lycan. With Dazzle aoe healing skill, Lycan and Shadow Shaman can push and control the map very easily. Sven is also doing a great job by providing shield to the team. IP won the game by 22-minute mark only with a 6594 net worth lead against WGU.

However, WGU had no chance to defend because Sven bought Crimson Guard which provides team a 100% chance to block 60 damage from all incoming attacks, this buff long for 12 seconds.

Other than that, Dazzle also purchase Necromaniac level 1 (Provide 5 attack speed to nearby units) and also Guardian Greaves (Provides 300 health point and 200 mana to nearby units), thanks to Dazzle’s ultimate skill, every skill and item are having up 50% cooldown reduction.

As Dazzle only able to reach level 14 in the game one, he only able to reduce the cooldown duration of Guardian Greaves for 40% from 40 seconds to 24 seconds. However, that was good enough for his team to continuously pushing.

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In game two, IP once again drafted Dazzle as their first pick. However, they put Dazzle as support role in this game. Following the drafting of Dazzle, they picked Drow Ranger and Sladar to make a high physical damage against enemies.

WGU lost the game when they realise they had no way to comeback from the game as Outworld Destroyer from enemy team was on rampage mode.

WGU is lacks knowledge in drafting for the current meta.

Royal dropped into Lower Bracket after losing to Dragon Gaming, they played a total of 3 games in that match-up and Dragon Gaming won the series without much pressure from Royal.

Game one was pretty easy for Dragon Gaming especially they put Anti-Mage in midlane to face off against Medusa instead of putting him in safelane.

Medusa was being harassed heavily in laning phase against Anti-Mage and Anti-Mage had a net worth of 31700 while Medusa only had net worth of 15600 by the end of the game, Anti-Mage had more than 2 times net worth than Medusa.

Despite their lost in that game, we still able to see Royal can make a good draft with their wide heroes pool knowledge, they only need to be more flexible on swapping heroes in laning phase.

Royal vs. WarriorsGaming.Unity prediction

After running our eye through the drafting and game play of late from both squads , we give Royal a 60 percent chance to win this match-up.

Our recommendation is to go low and bet on Royal to win the game if odds of -151.52 or higher are available at BetOnline.

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