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IS Invoker set for a new dawn in Dota 2?

Ever since the 7.20 patch, Invoker has no longer been a realistic option to pick in a professional match due to the re-worked movement speed and mana regeneration rate nerfing the hero.

Miracle, the position two player from Team Liquid, became the first player to pick Invoker since the patch in a match against Newbee in the group stage of MDL Macau last week.

Miracle has been renowned for his Invoker for a long time and in their game against Newbee, Miracle played Invoker with Quas and Exort build. There are two types of Invoker skill builds – Quas Wex or Quas Exort build.

Quas and Wex build provides more flexibility in roaming and ganking in the early stage of the game. The downside of this build is that Invoker is only able to cast four skills, limited to only Ghost Walk, Tornado, EMP and Cold Snap.

The Quas and Exort Build allows Invoker to harass and out-play enemies in the laning phase because every time you level up Exort, it provides +9 damage to your hero.


Invoker with Quas and Exort also build farm a lot of faster in jungling with Forge Spirit and Alacrity. Meanwhile, Invoker is also able to cast Sunstrike on any corner of the map to help his team secure kills.

Miracle played with a Quas and Exort build. He purchased both Hand of Midas and Aghanim’s Scepter by the 16-minute mark, which was considered very fast as his opponent was Viper in the laning phase.

There are other teams including Virtus Pro, Invictus Gaming and Royal Never Up that also picked Invoker in the tournament after Miracle displayed that Invoker is a hero that is playable in competitive scene again.

Topson, the position two player from OG, displayed a Quas and Wex type of Invoker in their match against Team Aster in the playoffs of ESL One Katowice 2019 on 22 February, 2019.

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Topson only learned Quas and Wex in the early phase of the game, he only learned level one of exort at level ten. Due to Quas and Wex build, his invoker is unable to do well in las hitting creeps, so, he purchased 4 Null Talisman which provides 6 int to the hero each, every int increased for the hero was providing the hero one damage. With six Null Talisman, he able to last hit and harass Tiny out of lane by constantly burning the mana of Tiny with EMP and Tornado combo.

OG focused on Troll Warlock’s farm in that game, while Invoker created space for him by roaming the map and stand behind of Troll Warlock to back him up.

Will we see more Invoker in coming tournaments, such as ESL One Mumbai?

Watch this space.

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