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Royal Never Give Up have landed their third win during the group stage of the 2022 League of Legends World Championship and are yet to concede a loss. The Chinese esports team recorded the October 10 victory against 100 Thieves, who have suffered three consecutive losses.

Due to the 100 Thieves’ loss, the entire North American region now has nine consecutive losses, its worst World Championship start since 2015. The region faced a more challenging time during the 2015 Worlds group stage when Cloud9, TSM, and Counter Logic Gaming collectively lost 11 matches in a row.

100 Thieves started the match against RNG in the lead. The Chinese team recorded a number of impressive plays due to the efforts of their bot laner, Chen “GALA” Wei’s Kai’Sa, who executed a premeditated level one play that resulted in a kill.

Shi “Ming” Senming was able to support the bot laner using Amumu’s Bandage Toss across the wall, which landed on the NA team’s top laner, Kim “Ssumday” Chan-ho’s champion, Aatrox.

Despite this, 100 Thieves remained ahead by the 14-minute mark of the map with a 2,000 gold lead. As a result of the squad’s MVP jungler, Can “Closer” Çelik’s use of Viego, the team made some progress on the map, particularly on the top side.

RNG were able to get ahead of their opponents after obliterating 100 Thieves’ fragmented team fighting during the passive play that occurred at the start of the objective fights. The HUYA Inc. owned franchise soon moved to a 17-4 kill score from the previous 2-2 due to the efforts of a five-for-zero ace. RNG also notably acquired a Mountain Soul with no issues.

Due to the team’s recent win and 3-0 record, RNG is now the third squad to reach a possible tiebreaker for a quarterfinals spot in the competition. The other two teams include the LPL kings, JD Gaming, and the European franchise, Rogue.

Crowd favorite JDG were notably placed first in Group B’s main event of Worlds 2022 after the LPL champions faced off and won against G2 Esports.

Rogue, on their end, have kept up an impressive winning streak in the Worlds 2022 group stage after defeating DRX and GAM Esports to kick off their quarterfinals march. The European lineup recorded their third win against LPL team Top Esports and solidified their place at the top of Group C.

In 2019, the NA region recorded their worst showing at the World Championship to date, producing an overall 5-13 score. The rest of the tournament does not look promising for the teams, but an unanticipated change could occur.

The second round robin of the tournament’s group stage will officially begin in a week, giving 100 Thieves some time to regroup. The NA team’s next outing will be against the Taiwanese lineup, Flying Oyster. The franchise could finally snag their first win in the 2022 World Championship as they are favorites to win on top esports betting sites with -149.25 odds.

100 Thieves To Win Against Flying Oyster


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