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The organizer of the PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC), KRAFTON, has shared details of the 2022 PMGC League Stage. The tournament, which is scheduled to be held on November 10, will see 48 teams compete from across the world.

Among the details shared are the tournament’s various groups, broadcast, and gaming schedules. KRAFTON also revealed that fans can access all matches of the tournament via PUBG Mobile Esports channels on YouTube, Twitch, TikTok, and Facebook.

The League Stage will be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and will run through December 4. The 48 teams are divided into three groups of 16 teams each.

The PMGC League groups designated as Red, Green and Yellow are outlined below.

PMGC Group A (Red)

  • Buriram United Esports (Thailand)
  • The Infinity (Thailand)
  • Bigetron RA (Indonesia)
  • 4 Rivals (Malaysia)
  • Box Gaming (Vietnam)
  • Influence Chemin Esports (Brazil)
  • Team Queso (Argentina)
  • R8 Esports (Saudi Arabia)
  • Nigma Galaxy (UAE)
  • Titan Gaming (Kazakhstan)
  • DRS Gaming (Nepal)
  • i8 Esports (Pakistan)
  • S2G Esports (Turkey)
  • Mad Bulls (Serbia)
  • emTek StormX (South Korea)
  • LGD Gaming (China)

    Group B (Green)

  • Bacon Time (Thailand)
  • Vampire Esports (Thailand)
  • Evos Reborn (Indonesia)
  • Yoodo Alliance (Malaysia)
  • INCO Gaming (Brazil)
  • A7 Esports (Brazil)
  • Knights (U.S.A)
  • POWR Esport (Saudi Arabia)
  • One Million Esports (Morocco)
  • GodLike Stalwart (Mongolia)
  • Skylightz Gaming (Nepal)
  • Fire Flux Esports (Turkey)
  • HHVP (Ex NAVI) (Russia)
  • Damwon Gaming (South Korea)
  • Nova Esports (China)
  • Donuts USG (Japan)

    Group C (Yellow)

  • TEM Entertainment (Thailand)
  • Faze Clan (Thailand)
  • Genesis Dogma GIDS (Indonesia)
  • Geek Fam (Malaysia)
  • D’Xavier (Vietnam)
  • Vivo Keyd (Brazil)
  • Furious Gaming (Chile)
  • Team Falcons (Saudi Arabia)
  • Geekay Esports (Iraq)
  • IHC Esports (Mongolia)
  • Trained to Kill (Nepal)
  • Beşiktaş Esports (Turkey)
  • Game Lord (France)
  • DS Gaming (South Korea)
  • 4AM (China)
  • REJECT (Japan)

    There will be 24 matches held daily, with six games played each day over four matchdays per week. Each week will be exclusively allotted to a single group, and the top three teams in every group will proceed to the Grand Finals. While the fourth through eleventh-placed teams in each group will advance to the Survival Stage, the bottom five will be eliminated from the tournament.

    The Survival Stage which will be held on November 30–December 2, will feature 24 teams divided into three groups of eight. Using a Round-Robin format, the top 16 teams will make their way to the Last Chance Stage, while the bottom eight fall short. At the Last Chance, the top four teams will advance to the Grand Finals as the bottom twelve teams exit the tournament.

    The Grand Finals weekend will commence on January 6, 2023, and continue until January 8, in Jakarta, Indonesia. A total of 16 teams will partake in the final event of the 2022 competitive season, with 3 directly invited teams competing alongside the 13 teams from the League Stage.

    Schedule of the PUBG Mobile Global Championship

    Group Stage:

  • Group Red: November 10 – 13

  • Group Green: November 17 – 20

  • Group Yellow: November 24 – 27

  • Survival Stage: November 30 to December 1

  • Last Chance: December 3 – 4

  • PMGC Grand Finals: January 6 – 8, 2023
  • The livestream on every matchday will commence at the same time, with the stream commencing at 10:45 am (UTC + 0) across all streaming platforms as previously stated. Below is the country-wise broadcast schedule:

    The PUBG Mobile Global Championship tournament affords all participating teams the opportunity to share in the $4 million prize money. $2.5 million of the prize money will be allotted for the League Stage and the remainder of $1.5 million will be awarded in the Grand Finals.

    While there are tons of veteran PUBG players on several qualified teams who have found success in major tournaments, the Chinese team Nova Esports, who have secured back-to-back PMGC championship titles, are the top favorites to win the tournament. All focus will be on their top players, Zhu “paraboy” Bocheng and Zeng “Order” Zehai.

    The runners-up of the 2021 PMGC, HVVP, who secured the former Natus Vincere roster, and Nigma Galaxy are also favorites. Aside from these franchises, DAMWON Gaming and GodLike Stalwart are also strong contenders for the 2022 PMGC championship title.

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