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The rematch of last year’s World Championship finals is taking place much earlier than most expected. KSV and SKT T1 will fight in one short BO3 in to decide who moves on to face the first big boss, KT Rolster, in the quarter finals.

Both teams are coming into playoffs hindered by tons of individual and team-related issues. KSV are on a three game-losing streak and have been incredibly inconsistent over the split, showing strong performances against the likes of KT Rolster and Kingzone, but also losing to MVP, ROX Tigers and even Kongdoo in Week 2. SKT’s play is a bit more consistent, but losing to bbq Olivers, barely beating Kongdoo and getting regularly smashed by the top teams isn’t at all what we’re expecting from the most successful org of all time.


SKT team comp

SKT’s main issue is their painfully average top side, where they just don’t have enough individual skill. Even after trying multiple rosters, the right combination still isn’t there, and the recently favoured duo of Thal and Blank is looking barely okay in comparison to the top dogs. The rookie top laner is a vast improvement over Untara (who is statistically dead-last on the LCK list of top lane performers), but he also never seems to turn the game around, preferring to play safe, stick to his role, and live or die based on how the rest of the team performs. Blank is performing better compared to his horrid form earlier in the split, but he can’t seem to do much on picks outside of Zac and Sejuani and is still notoriously inactive in the early game. CuVee isn’t the best top laner in the world anymore, but he will be a serious worry for Thal, and maybe a potential focus point for KSV.

KSV team comp

Luckily for them, KSV’s Ambition is also one of the least proactive junglers in the league, staying almost invisible during the laning phase and then emerging in teamfights, when it is often too late for his team. Crown is one of the worst performing mid laners this split, and his emotions seem to directly get in the way of his play. Dying way too often in lane, not having enough impact in fights and tilting easily makes him by far the weakest point of KSV, and SKT should know to give Faker, their best player, enough attention to crush mid lane. The other KSV jungler, Haru, is better early on, but the team crumbles without Ambition’s shotcalling. The main duel in this matchup will be in the bot lane. KSV’s saving grace, the mechanically fantastic ADC Ruler, is used to having gold funneled into him and playing as the hard carry of the team. Bang, on the other hand, is having a great split, but will need to step up his laning game in order to stop the opposition’s most dangerous player and likely lead SKT to a lead over at least two lanes.

Game predictions

This match is extremely hard to predict, and calling either of the teams a favourite would be a stretch. We know that KSV can pop off and beat any team on their day, but can they pop off against SKT? I honestly think so. With a week of preparation, if Crown plays extremely carefully and doesn’t succumb to his emotions, I can see KSV taking this series 2-1. The opposite result is very possible indeed, but what we’re guaranteed to get is one wild ride of a series.

Best bet: KSV to win -111.11 with BetOnline

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