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Patch 8.8 for League of Legends is set to complicate the lives of the support players around the world.

After re-thinking its position after substantial feedback, Riot has decided to remove the Sweeping Lens from the game store.

Vision trinkets are vital for support players and junglers in league of Legends. The Sweeping Lens, or red trinket, was one of the two vision items a player could get for free in the early levels. After level 9, players could opt for Oracle Alteration, the evolution of the red trinket.

Now players can take Oracle Alteration from level 1. bonus offer

Swapping between trinkets is a common occurrence in-game. Support players usually take Sweeping Lens when they are at level 6 or 7 and then swap again for Oracle Alteration later. It was possible to place the red trinket from a distance, whereas Oracle Alteration checks the immediate surroundings.

Riot stated that by making this change, they were “hoping to make the gains from those swaps more clear.”

League of Legends support players usually used Oracle Alteration when they roamed towards other lanes. Sweeping Lane was used around the bottom lane on the early levels to keep the support in lane. As a consolation price, players now will be able to purchase Oracle Alteration in level one. According to Riot, the yellow trinket, another vision item, will have longer lifespans.

Oracle Alteration’s duration will scale based on the levels. It may not be as useful as the gone red trinket in the early levels. Patch 8.8 is currently live and marks the first time Riot makes significant changes on the vision items.

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