League of Legends Mid Season Invitational
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With May fast approaching, all teams are looking forward to which teams they will be playing in the MSI.  Since our first article, some regions have finished their playoff series and have decided upon which team they will be sending to MSI.  Below is a chart of the current participants as well as their regions’ initial seeding in the MSI.


Main Group Participants

Region Team Status
North America Team Liquid Confirmed
Europe Fnatic Confirmed
Korea Kingzone DragonX Confirmed
China TBD April 28th


Round 2 Play-In Initial Seeds

Taiwan/HK/Macao TBD April 22nd
Vietnam EVOS Esports Confirmed


Round 1 Play-In Qualifier

Brazil KaBum! e-Sports Confirmed
CIS (Russia) Gambit Esports Confirmed
Japan Pentagram Confirmed
LAN (Latin America North) TBD April 21st
LAS (Latin America South) Kaos Latin Gamers Confirmed
Oceania Dire Wolves Confirmed
SEA (Southeast Asia) Ascension Gaming Confirmed
Turkey TBD April 22nd

The largest and most predicted news is Korea’s Kingzone DragonX triumping over Afreeca Freecs, sending what many believe are the strongest Korean team to MSI. Kingzone DragonX’s players sport a tremendous amount of international experience, possessing 3 of the 5 members of the late ROX Tigers. They are undoubtedly the most popular team to take the entire tournament, finishing the regular season with only 2 series losses with the ace duo Pray and Gorilla in the botlane and an aggressive Peanut in the jungle.

Other than the Korean representative, there are a lot of legacy veterans returning to the international stage.  Brazil’s KaBum! And Russia’s Gambit are two of the more well known names coming across international lines, with consistent showings in the play ins for any kind of international tournament.  Dire Wolves is another large name from Oceania but despite all the recognition from these teams, none have made it out of the lower echelon of the tournaments.

The Round 1 Play-In Qualifier will consist of two 4 man groups playing round robin with only the best of each group advancing.  The drawing for which team is placed in which group will take place on April 24, 5AM PST or 8AM EST.

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