LCK heating up as Gen.G and T1 do battle
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Riot Korea has announced the creation and implementation of three new policies in the League of Legends Champions Korea in order to create a “sustainable virtuous cycle ecosystem” for all teams, players, and the league as a whole.

The organizers shared a video clip titled “LCK NEW POLICIES” on social media. To accomplish the league’s goals, the LCK looks to first propose a system known as the “Rookie Development Clause,” which aids teams in their ability to “discover and invest” in new players.

As relayed by LCK, the system is developed in such a way that it guarantees good playing time for active players. It is also designed for players who have less than one split experience in the league or less than one year of experience in foreign pro leagues such as North America’s LCS and Europe’s LEC. Players must play more than 50% of the total LCK CL games in one split (LCK’s secondary league) or 25% of the total LCK games in one split to be eligible.

However, it is up to teams to decide whether or not to activate this clause. If a team chooses to activate the clause, the team will “have the right” to extend a player’s contract for the next two years, ensuring a “steady salary increase” and consistent playing time during the two-year period. If players are not given the required amount of playing time, they have the option to terminate their contract and become free agents.

The league will also launch the “LCK Agent Certification,” which will be issued in accordance with appointing and managing agents as well as representing players. This aims to protect players’ rights by appointing and regulating official agents. Those who pass the Korea Esports Association (KeSPA) administered exam will be able to represent players as official agents for up to two years.

The certified agents will lead the charge and be in control of the player’s contracts and salaries, as well as attending seminars and reporting profits, contracts, and disputes. Agents who are caught engaging in illegal activity, such as “tampering,” “unauthorized disclosure of information,” or “violation of the rights and interests of players,” may face disciplinary action.

The “LCK Pre-contract Policy,” the third and final new policy, will allow teams to determine the next destination of key players. According to the LCK, this policy will assist teams in building and maintaining rosters. The new policy will give teams the opportunity to extend contracts or hire “key players” earlier than was attainable in the past.

A transfer fee will be paid if a player chooses to join a new team, and the team will be able to reinvest a part of the fee into strengthening the roster ahead of the next season. Players whose contracts expire at the end of the year will be eligible, but each team can only select one player on their roster.

It is unclear when these new policies will take effect, but given that the 2022 LCK Summer Split is already underway and the competitive season is rapidly approaching its end for the year. The policies will most likely be implemented in time for the free agency window ahead of the 2023 season.

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