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Gen.G crashes out of VCT 2022 after losing to Built by Gamers Academy

On Saturday, Gen.G suffered a clean sweep at the hands of Built by Gamers Academy. The loss gets the 5-year old esports organization out of the 2022 Valorant Champions Tour.

The 6th most valuable esports franchise (as reported by Forbes), will not be able to qualify for the Champions, owing to not enough circuit points.

Having failed to qualify for either 2022 Challengers main events, Gen.G has officially crashed out of the 2022 VCT. The Kevin Chow-owned franchise exited the VCT 2022: NA Stage 2 Challengers – Open Qualifiers 1 late last month, after losing to Luminosity Gaming and 100 Thieves. Gen.G was swept by LG but they were able to win a map against 100T.

With hopes of making it to the Champions, Gen.G defeated Virtuoso by a clean sweep in the VCT 2022: NA Stage 2 Challengers – Open Qualifier 2. But suffered the same on Saturday at the hands of BBG.A. Thereby crashing their chance of making it to the Champions.

Due to their losses which cost them access to the main event of both NA Challengers Stage 1 and 2, Gen.G did not earn a circuit point. Their inability to earn a circuit point hampered their chances of making it through the Last Chance Qualifier by the end of the year. With the remaining slot to the Champions only attainable through LCQ, Gen.G will be missing out on this year’s Champions.

The franchise parted ways with a long-time member of the Valorant roster, Kenneth “koosta” Suen by the start of the year and also benched Anthony “gMd” Guimond on March 31st and eventually released him ON April 13th. The reshuffling of the team did not bear any productive fruits as the team continues to wallow in losses.

After the exit of koosta, gMd, and Michael “MkaeL” De Luca, Gen.G recruited Noah “jcStani” Smith of 100T and former XSET player, Bryce “PureR” Lovell. With the revamped team consisting of Shawn “Shawn” O’Riley, Nicholas ‘NaturE” Garrison, Emir “rhyme” Muminovic, and the new signings, the Gen.G roster seemed competent and strong enough.

But their woes continued as they suffered a loss in the game against SoaR. Their loss sent them to the lower bracket, and a steep requirement to win their next six games to be able to gain entry to the main event.

Having been able to get past Lebby Time, Moon Raccoons, and VIRT, Gen.G was paired with BBG.A. With 3 wins, Gen.G was left with three more wins to make their way to the main event. But Built By Gamers Academy, who were sent to the lower bracket at the hands of Cosmic Divide, got the better of Gen.G.

Their attempt to make it to the main event from the lower bracket proved abortive after a 0-2 defeat by BBG.A. While Gen.G can only be a spectator at the main event, gMd who was released by the franchise will be featuring for TSM at the tournament.

With their season cut short, Gen.G will need to rebuild and come back stronger in 2023 to attempt to make it to the VCT Champions.

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