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According to Streams Charts, Alexandre “Gaules” Borba, one of the most famous Brazilian Twitch streamers, was the most-watched content creator on the network last month.

In May, the former professional Counter-Strike player garnered 28.83 million hours viewed, which was four million far beyond Félix “xQc” Lengyel, who had been on top ever since the start of the year. However, throughout the month, the French-Canadian star had streamed for significantly fewer hours than Gaules.

Gaules’ remarkable hours were accumulated after the Brazilian content creator co-streamed the PGL Antwerp CS:GO Major, which happens to be one of the year’s greatest esports events thus far.

Numerous Brazilian teams competed in the competition, which almost certainly helped the content creator reach new heights last month. During the event, the 38-year-old Gaules had the most-watched Twitch stream, which enabled him to create a new viewing record.

Even though Gaules was the most-viewed streamer in May, xQc still had a great month, coming in second with 24.29 million hours viewed. Meanwhile, Asmongold came in third with 19,57 million watched hours. 

The broadcast of the PGL Antwerp Major on the primary channel garnered 14.42 million hours of viewership and finished fifth in the ratings. Riot Games placed sixth with 12.39 million hours viewed after conducting the Mid-Season Invitational.

Ibai, a Spanish content creator and influencer, placed 10th with 7.68 million hours viewed, proving that there were other non-English speakers in the top 10 with Gaules.

The Brazilian streamer had a major hit with his Twitch broadcasts during the PGL Antwerp CS:GO Major. According to EsportsCharts, he secured 18.37 million hours viewed during the competition, making him the No.1 broadcast of the past Major.

Even when combined, Gaules greatly outperformed the official English broadcast given by PGL. PGL’s A stream received 14.61 million hours of viewing time, while the B stream garnered 3.13 million. Other notable significant broadcasts were the official Russian broadcast with 5.8 million hours viewed, and the one from CS:Steam GO’s client, which garnered 6.64 million.

Official broadcasts, such as PGL and Gaules, were distinguished from those produced by community streamers by EsportsCharts. With 870,000 hours viewed, Argentinian streamer Goncho topped the rankings.

Gaules set a number of records during the PGL Antwerp Major. When Imperial, Brazil’s most popular CS:GO team, was facing Cloud9 to avoid elimination, his feed peaked at 707,600 viewers. He currently holds the all-time record for Portuguese-language streaming, surpassing Felipe Neto and Casimiro, two well-known Brazilian streamers.

Gaules announced during the Major playoffs that he had exceeded 100,000 Twitch subscribers. According to TwitchTracker data, he joined the ranks of Ludwig, Ninja, Ironmouse, Critical Role, Casimiro, RanbooLive, xQc, and Shroud.

In early 2018, the previous coach and professional player started streaming on Twitch and swiftly became one of Brazil’s most popular streamers. In both 2020 and 2021, he received the Brazilian esports award (Prêmio eSports Brasil) for best streamer.

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