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Fnatic came out victorious against Misfits in a League of Legends face off in the lower bracket of the 2022 Summer Split playoffs. Owing to their win over Misfits, the British esports franchise secured a spot in the 2022 Worlds Championship.

The pair were the last teams in the LEC to compete for the slot, and in a three-game sweep, Fnatic took the advantage and scheduled their tenth Worlds appearance. The Misfits fought Fnatic valiantly till the end but could not beat the British team.

Although the loser of the match would normally have the rest of their season cut off, the Misfits’ loss in the game signified not only the end of their season but the conclusion of their time playing professionally in League of Legends.

The team previously revealed their intention to sell off their spot in the LEC Spring Split next year to Team Heretics. Due to this, the series with Fnatic signified the team’s last outing in the League. It is not certain where the current players on the roster will be placed next year as a result of their loss.

In the first game, Fnatic gained an early lead after making a sudden move past their opponent’s first bot lane tower. The move led to Elias “Upset” Lipp’s champion Kalista receiving large amounts of gold.

In retaliation, Misfits attempted to find targets on the other side of the map around the same area where Fnatic player Martin “Wunder” Hansen was found. The player was under his tower by himself, in the process of handling a sizable wave.

The British team seemed to exaggerate how much ahead they were in a drawn-out team fight against the Misfits. During the brawl, almost all the players involved were allowed to respawn before returning to the battle. The team, however, managed to stay in the lead despite the Misfits getting in several kills in the fight.

Game two saw an entirely different playing style from the Misfits, starting when the team picked Soraka for Mertai “Mersa” Sari to handle. The player had reportedly never made use of the champion, even once in his competitive career.

As a result of the unexpected support pick, Fnatic was faced with a problem that they initially struggled to resolve. The champion’s ability to heal led to the change in the outcome of several fights that the British team should have won.

Despite this, Fnatic were able to win the game via team fighting. In an unintentional move, Misfits’ Matúš “Neon” Jakubčík sent Mersa to the team’s base after placing a Sivir W in the team’s support. The players’ move brought Fnatic to the series’ match point.

Misfits played much more aggressively in game three as they looked to make a reverse sweep. They played, knowing that if Fnatic got an early lead again, they would have a more challenging time fighting against the team.

The American esports group ended up being unable to capitalize on Mersa’s several overextensions, which created an opening for Fnatic. The squad was able to regroup while Misfits struggled, and then capitalized on the rest of the American team.

Misfits players were blocked from escaping by Iván “Razork” Martín’s Trundle and finished off brutally by Zeri, Upset’s champion. The team finished the game in 25 minutes and threw Misfits into a frenzy, having secured a Baron.

The team members attempted to slow Fnatic down by placing their champions in the squad’s way. However, it yielded few results.

With the win, Fnatic held on to their position in the World Championship and will carry on their play in the lower brackets during the Summer Split playoffs. The team will join other LEC representatives, including Rogue, G2 Esports, and MAD LIONS, at the 2022 Worlds. This year’s competition will be held in Mexico City, Mexico, and will kick off on September 29.

Fnatic will play against MAD Lions in the Summer Split playoffs in order to secure the title of LEC champions. If they win the game, the British team will move on to the finals in Malmö.

Fnatic’s jungler, Razork, was awarded the MVP of the series as a result of his impressive combined 7/8/33 KDA. The World Champions’ tournament this year will be his debut on the Worlds’ stage.
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