Plehxify caught cheating in COD Vaguard
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Having been caught on Monday cheating during a game, the Call of Duty Vanguard #2 ranked player has openly apologized. He had accidentally shot himself in the foot, revealing his cheats to the entire community.

With multiple reactions from players, viewers, and the likes, he has been forced to release an official statement on social media. He explained his predicament in a lengthy TwitLonger post. There, he admitted to having cheated and apologized for it but found a way to ruin it in his next sentence.

“I’m sorry for disappointing the community but I have to start by saying I made a mistake last night on stream. Yes, those were blatant boxes and I did get caught but as dumb as the excuse sounds I was honestly started getting the hacks for camos,” he wrote.

He went on to apologize to his peers for the uncomfortable situation he has put them in. Then went on to try to speak to his ranking and how he genuinely achieved that, stating that he had just gotten the hack recently.


    “I know none of y’all are going to believe me but I wanna say I’m sorry to the people played with, I didn’t wanna ruin anyone’s rep I didn’t wanna ruin mine obviously,” he continued. “In the clip you can clearly tell I just had got the cheats, I was very naive with the software/hacks. As most of you know you’re allowed to hide the boxes off your stream if you’re a good hacker.”

    Vanguard’s #2 ranked player “Plehxify” caught cheating during a live stream

    There have been various instances of players hacking multiple Call of Duty titles, leading to them cheating in-play. It has become a thing of worry for gamers and developers likewise as the gaming experience and competitive nature of the game are left in ruins.

    With the development and deployment of Activision’s RICOCHET, these cases of hacks were to be a thing of the past. But alas, a loophole has possibly been found and exploited as Plehxify was caught cheating during a live stream.

    In COD’s Ranked Play, “pplehx,” as he is otherwise known, had walked his way up the leader board to the second-place position. But his ride to the top has now been questioned with the new revelation of him cheating using wallhacks on a live stream.

    While he was engaged in a game of Tuscan Hardpoint, he had an issue with his live stream as it bugged out, although that didn’t last for long. But for the split second that it did, the clip made revealed he could see red boxes (signifying enemies) behind walls. He hacked the game and was flagrantly cheating the system.

    Using these wallhacks guarantees its users the particular location where their enemies lurk. Their location is made known to the player through partitions like the red boxes, showing the area where the enemies are hidden.

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