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With the February 14, 2022, release of the Call of Duty Vanguard and Warzone second season, Armoured War Machines.

The third season is on the way and will be released later this month.

As the second season draws gradually to an end, the release of the third season of Call of Duty Warzone is imminent.

The third season will be released a day after expiration of the second season Reloaded.

The third season, termed “Classified Arms,” is set to be released on April 27, as revealed on the trailer below.

COD took to their social media page to share a cryptic message as fans run wild in a bid to solve it.

“We’ve uncovered a device broadcasting a mysterious frequency from the cache. Further spectral analysis is needed to decipher the signal. Can any soldiers help?”

What will CoD Warzone Season 3 offer?

“Classified Arms” are found after an invasion is made on the Nazis, who apparently had detonated Nebula bombs. A frequency broadcasting device is found admist the roar of some creature. Looks like some monstrous creatures have been released around the world as a lot of changes are made to Caldera.

With some changes coming to Caldera in the forthcoming season, players could expect to see a few new locations. Some of the changes could include the replacement of the former meta with a new one, weapons balancing and some advancement in the audio system is to be expected.

What’s new on Warzone?

Makers of COD, Raven Software have teased about some changes to be expected in the coming Season 3. Season 2 Reloaded revealed some major visual changes made to Warzone’s Rebirth Island map. The prison island also saw some additions including the Communication Towers and the Weapon Trade Stations. These changes are only but appetizers to the main dish season 3 promises to be.

What’s new on Vanguard?

According to the Call of Duty League‘s blog, Ranked Play will bear new unique set of rewards every season and season 3 is not left out. We will be seeing unique rewards ranging from, but not limited to weapon blueprints, charms, and camos. Season two saw some updates made to the Skills Ratings system and as such some more adjustments or additions is expected to the mode in the coming season.

We will likely see the addition of a new Assault Rifle Blueprint, four new Prestige levels and a few peculiar seasonal challenges. We also might be thrilled with the addition of new maps and modes for multi-player. Another intriguing feature that could be contained in season 3, is more spawn changes and possible quality of life updates.

While the Vanguard’s Zombies mode pause feature have been heavily castigated and kicked against by fans for its limitations. It is unsure if that was addressed in the coming season.

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