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by How Gen Hui in
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Wednesday, March 27, 2019 – 18:00 UTC+8

Team Aster and DeathBringer Gaming will go to war in an attempt to advance to the top four of the ESL One Birmingham 2019 China Open Qualifier on Wednesday night.

Two strongest franchises from the China Region will be invited through to the main tournament and those slots are well and truly up for grabs at this stage.

Both of the teams playing tonight have fought their way into the top eight of the open qualifiers. The winner will advance through to the top four, while the lose will not be bidding farewell to Birmingham.

Team Aster and DeathBringer Gaming both fought their way into top eight of Open Qualifiers, winner of this match-up will be advancing to top four and loser bid farewell to Birmingham.


Team Aster’s decision to play Mushi in position two has proven an unsuccessful one so far, due to the fact he can play less than five heroes in that role. Despite that, he demonstrated improvement with Shadow Fiend against Keen Gaming.Luminous yesterday. Mushi was the top net worth holder in the game, ending with seven kills and only one death.

After eliminating Keen Gaming.Luminous, Mushi picked one of his signature heroes, Medusa, and dominated the game with 747 golds per minute without dying.

Mushi is starting to expand his heroes pool knowledge while demonstrating great chemistry with the team. We should expect Team Aster to get better if this trend continues.

DeathBringer features a lot of world-class players including Freeze, Op and Hym.

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They displayed a great draft against For The Dream earlier by picking Tidehunter as frontliner, Death Prophet and supporter Shadow Shaman as pushers.

Freeze also played an amazing over-farmed Morphing in the game with all the space created by his team.

Team Aster vs. DeathBringer Gaming betting prediction

After running our eye through their heroes’ pool knowledge and drafting abilities, we give Team Aster a 70% chance to win this match-up.

Team Aster’s ability to pick Medusa for Mushi to counter the pushing strategy of DeathBringer Gaming is a big factor.

Considering the payout odds, our recommendation is to go low and bet on Team Aster to win the game at -200 with BetOnline.

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