RLCS World Championship betting tips 2022
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The RLCS World Championships will feature many of the top Rocket League teams and many betting opportunities. Below we will highlight our RLCS World Championship winner tip and our best outsider for the $2 million tournaments.

The RLCS World Championship 2021-22 in Fort Worth, United States, will be the culmination of the two seasons that have run over 2021-2022, with 24 teams competing for the massive US$2,085,000 prize pool.

Starting on August 4, with the Wildcard Stage Swiss system kicking off the event, before the main event Group Stage kicks off on August 9.

There will be 24 of the world’s highest ranked teams, based on their RLCS circuit points that they have received in relation to their results at all Major and regional events. The ninth to the 24th ranked teams will participate in the wildcard stage with all 16 teams playing each other to decide which 8 teams make the main event Group Stage.

The 16 teams that will participate in the Wildcard Stage are; Version1, Spacestation Gaming, Optic Gaming, Dignitas, Karmine Corp, SMPR Esports, Renegages, Pioneers, Team Secret, The Club, Tokyo Verdy Esports, Gaimin Gladiators, Veloce Esports, 01 Esports, Orlando Pirates Exdee and Bravado Gaming.

The top 8 teams in terms of ranking points representing North America, Europe, South America and Middle East and North Africa, that have automatically qualified for the Group Stage are; G2 Esports, FaZe Clan, The General NRG, Moist Esports, Team BDS, Endpoint CEX, FURIA Esports, Team Falcons.

RLCS World Championship tips 2022

Our RLCS expert has assessed the markets and found some value Rocket League World Championship tips:

BEST BET – Moist Esports to win RLCS World Championship $4

Moist Esports have only been an official team since the May 5 this year, just before the Spring Major, where the team acquired the Team Queso roster that disbanded just weeks after the Winter Major in April.

Since acquiring the Team Queso roster, their first events as Moist Esports were a second-place and fourth-place at the Spring EU – Regional 1 and 2 events. However, Moist Esports went on to win the Spring EU- Regional Event 3 over Team BDS in the Super 16 grand final 4-2.

Entering the Spring Split Major, Moist Esports were still seen as an unknown to the RLCS world making their Major event debut under their new name. They did not disappoint though and had an event to remember, making a memorable debute.

Moist eSPorts dropped from the upper-bracket in the quarter-finals when they lost 1-3 to Version1, meaning they had to run through the lower-bracket to make it to the grand final. In the lower-bracket final they turned the tables on Version1 by beating them 4-0 in the lower-bracket final to take on Team Falcons in the grand final for the Spring Major.

Moist Esports had to beat Team Falcons in two best-of-seven series to win the grand final, in what is called a bracket reset. They won the first best-of-seven series 4-3 and then they blew Team Falcons away by winning the second series 4-0, clinching the Spring Major and the US$90,000 prize. If the best team in the world can stay in the upper-bracket for longer, and not have to do it the hard way here at the World Championships, they will be very, very hard to beat once again.

Moist eSports to win


NEXT BEST BET – Team Falcons $7

Team Falcons will enter the RLCS World Championships as the 6th ranked team in the world, but they will have the highest amount of RLCS Circuit Points, amassing 4279 over the season with their dominance of their Middle East and North Africa region.

They have also finished 3rd-4th at the Gamers8 2022 show-tournament earning them US$200,000 and they were able to finish 2nd to Moist Esports at the RLCS Spring Split Major.

Over the last three months Team Falcons have not finished outside of the top three at any event that they have participated in while winning all three regional events throughout the Spring MENA season.

At the Spring Major, Team Falcons ran through the upper-bracket with wins over Team Liquid, FaZe Clan, Spacestation Gaming and Version1, losing their only series to the eventual winners in Moist Esports.

Their result at the Spring Major has shown everyone that they can most definitely compete with all of the best teams in the world. Therefore, if Team Falcons have another outstanding run in the World Championships like the run they had in the Spring Major, $7 will be massive overs for such a good team.

Team Falcons


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