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At the beginning of the 2022 Summer Split playoffs this past weekend, the League of Legends Championship Series recorded a much higher rating than usual.

The opening fixture between Cloud9 and Counter Logic Gaming, which was held on August 21, added to the event’s growing rating by reaching a new high in peak viewership, compared to other Summer Split ratings.

At the peak of the game, around 202,920 viewers were recorded during the C9 and CLG best-of-five series. The number of viewers brought in by the LCS broadcast on Sunday led to a new record for the Summer Split. 

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In the match, Cloud9 started their playoff campaign in flying colors by defeating CLG in the upper bracket quarterfinals. The franchise won over their North American counterpart 3-2, thereby advancing to the next round to feature in the semifinals of the playoffs.

The peak viewership recorded during the five-game set was noticeably higher than the impressive number for the last day of the regular season, which took place a week earlier.

The regular season ended on August 14 and gave the LCS its highest recorded average viewership. The event had almost 140,000 viewers on Twitch alone to watch the season come to a close.

According to reports, the first round of the playoffs saw lower average viewership. The first round of the post-season games recorded an average of 103,000 viewers.

Despite this, the LCS viewership numbers signify that the event’s audience is growing. The increase in views at the end of the season was a big reason why the league’s overall averages went up during the Summer Split.
The LCS was reportedly only able to bring in around 80,000 viewers for every broadcast during the first four weeks of the split.

The average viewership amount for the event is showing significant improvement as the season progresses to its playoff stage.
The best-of-five game played by Cloud9 and CLG concluded the eventful day of the playoff first round.

Prior to the match, the LCK and LPL played a five-game series on the same day. At its peak, T1 and DWG KIA went against each other in the LCK’s semifinal series, and the bout reeled in more than a million concurrent viewers.

Around 1,013,992 viewers were recorded during the T1 and DWG KIA match, making it the most watched fight of the 2022 LCK Summer Split. The game was also the most watched live league match recorded and the second most viewed in the LCK this year.’

The spring playoffs battle earlier this year between T1 and Gen.G broke the LCK’s viewership record of 1,315,849 with a 1,374,155 record in peak viewership across several streaming platforms. The previous record was reached in the fight between T1 and DWG KIA during the 2021 Summer Split finals.

The LCS will feature playoff matches for four consecutive days this week. The match days will begin on Thursday, August 25, and progress till Sunday, August 28. 
The last two days, Saturday, August 27, and Sunday, August 28, will see Evil Geniuses and 100 Thieves debut in the Summer Split playoff.

EG will take on C9, the winner of the opening fixture of the first round fixture, and 100T will go head-to-head with Team Liquid, the winner of the second game of the playoffs first round.

100T are close favorites with odds at the best esports betting sites set at $1.8 as opposed to TL at $1.97.
At the time of the LCS Spring Split finals, EG and 100T had the most watched match of the season with a record of more than 387,000 concurrent viewers.

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