Chongqing Major
by How Gen Hui in
eSport Betting Predictions

This match-up starts on Tuesday, January 22, 2019 – 19:30 UTC+8.

PSG.LGD will go to war against Virtus Pro in a best-of-three series to secure a top three place in the Chongqing Major in what should be a feisty Upper Bracket Round 2 clash.

PSG.LGD has already secured at least 900 Dota Pro Circuit Points in this tournament as a top six team and will give themselves every chance to go all the way from here.

PSG.LGD picked Tuskar first in both games in their match-up against Vici Gaming yesterday. As we expected, both teams banned Elder Titan in the first game.

PSG.LGD grabbed Tuskar and won the game for EHOME because EHOME was running 3-1-1 formation, putting two supports and first position in the off lane and the other two cores on middle and bottom lanes.


PSG.LGD forced the two supports from Vici Gaming to the top lane, making sure that their carry, Terrorblade, got some farm in the laning phase. However, Fy, the position four support player from PSG.LGD played Tuskar incredibly, zoning out the supports in the laning phase with the help from Lion and Juggernaut.

Terrorblade was forced to hide in jungle because he could not get any farm in the lane against Tuskar, Lion and Juggernaut.

Vici Gaming called GG when Juggernaut went unstoppable and had 739 gold per minute by the end of the game.

In game two, both teams failed to ban Elder Titan and Tuskar. Both teams understood that they are getting one of the heroes to their side, Vici Gaming snatched Elder Titan and PSG.LGD grabbed Tuskar again in game two.

Although Vici Gaming picked Elder Titan, PSG.LGD did not let them have Faceless Void by banning him in the second banning phase.

PSG.LGD analysed the draft thoroughly and the combos Vici Gaming was trying to make. Vici Gaming picked Phantom Assassin as their carry and was not able to work a huge combo with Elder Titan.

Vici Gaming drafted very greedily in that game. They had Outworld Destroyer, Dark Seer and Phantom Assassin as their core heroes. PSG.LGD did not back away from securing map control and Vici Gaming had to split the resources to all three carries, resulting in Outworld Destroyer unable to do big impact in the team fight.

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PSG.LGD punished their greediness by taking all the outer tower as soon as Luna came “online” after purchased his Manta Style.

Virtus Pro, this team whitewashed Evil Geniuses with 2-0 yesterday. Virtus Pro drafted 10 different heroes in the two games played against Evil Geniuses yesterday, they out-drafted Evil Geniuses in both games thanks to their strong heroes’ pool knowledge from their team members.

In the first game, they last picking the Outworld Destroyer and forced Evil Geniuses to put Nature Prophet in to position two because Tiny had no way to take advantage from Outworld Destroyer in the laning phase.

Despite Evil Geniuses made the changes to their draft, Noone, the position two player from Virtus Pro still crushed Nature Prophet in the laning phase by killing him two times before 5-minute marks.

Nature Prophet had no choice but to stay in jungle and farm while Outworld Destroyer had his good time farming the lane.

Virtus Pro certainly won the game when Outworld Destroyer had his Black King Bar and Scythe of Vyse by 26-minute mark. He hexed Juggernaut in every team fight afterwards and Juggernaut unable to cast his ultimate skill – Omnislash because he was hit to death before he recovered from the hex form.

In the game two, RAMZES666, the carry position player from the Virtus Pro went on rampage mode and wiping out whole Evil Geniuses squad with his Terrorblade.

Despite struggling in the laning phase, he still had a lot of space to farm in the game while Noone was creating space by taking all outer tower from Evil Geniuses with other supporters.

RAMZES666 accumulated a golds per minute of 895 in that game, had 6 slotted items by 36-minute marks.

Evil Geniuses cannot think of a way to clear the illusions of Terrorblade because there were too much different between their net worth and items.

PSG.LGD vs. Virtus Pro betting prediction

After analysing the drafting abilities, we give PSG.LGD a 65% chance to win this match-up.

Considering the payout odds, our recommendation is to go medium and bet on PSG.LGD to win the game at better than -114.94 or higher at BetOnline.

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