PGL Arlington Dota 2 event ranks second highest ever watched
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The recently concluded Dota 2’s PGL Arlington Major 2022 reached an astonishing 708,359 peak viewership record and averaged 305,000 in concurrent viewership.

The PGL Arlington Major ranks the second most watched Dota 2 Major in the tournament’s history.

The Kyiv Major, held in 2017, holds the spot as the most viewed Dota 2 Major with a peak viewership of 842,585.

The PGL Arlington Major 2022 concluded on Sunday with Team Spirit getting the better of PSG.LGD and emerging victors in the grand finals.

Due to their win, the esports team walked away with $500,000 (£414,600) which is a large chunk of the tournament’s prize pool.

Six of the top ten Dota 2’s most viewed games were held between 2021 and 2022. The recent high viewership figures of Dota 2 events indicate the title’s revival in the esports scene.

The event was the organiser’s first Dota 2 Major in 2022 and occurred offline at the Esports Stadium Arlington.

SecretLab, GG.BET betting site, Bitget cryptocurrency exchange company, INZONE, Sony’s gaming gear brand, and several others were all part of the event’s commercial portfolio.

Team Spirit was reportedly the most viewed squad in the PGL Arlington tournament, while PSG.LGD, OG, and Team Aster were not far behind. Around 370,014 peak viewers were gotten from Russian-speaking streams, while English-speaking streams provided 230,048. The two views accumulated were a majority of the game’s peak viewership.

Besides the International, the ESL One Stockholm Major, which was held this year, was the fifth most watched Dota 2 event with 589,021 peak viewership.

The International 10 is currently the most watched event in Dota 2 esports history, with a record of around 2.7 million peak viewership. The viewers tuned in for the drawn-out grand final battle between Team Spirit and PSG.LG.

The impressive number is approximately 700,000 more than the previous record.
The PGL Arlington Major was the second Dota 2 Major held this year and the last of the Dota 2 Pro Circuit 2021–2022.

Dota’s premiere global tournament, The International 11, will round up Dota 2’s Pro Circuit for 2021–2022.
Dota 2 previously confirmed that the International 11 would take place in October in Singapore. The event is the first time any Valve-organized event has been held in Southern Asia.

The SunTec Centre and indoor stadium in Singapore were both selected as the venues for the event.
Over the years, the esports tournament has been held numerous times in the USA.

However, it has also been held in Canada, Germany, China, Romania and just last year, Bucharest.

No further information, such as the ticket prices or the corporation in charge of the production of the anticipated tournament, has been supplied by Valve. The betting odds for the tournament are also unavailable and will be featured on the top esports betting sites at a closer date to the event.

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