LPL news 2022 - JD Gaming secure Pro League upper bracket finals spot
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JD Gaming dealt LNG Esports a crushing blow in the League of Legends Pro League Summer 2022 second upper bracket semifinal fixture.

JDG swept their Chinese counterparts to secure the second upper bracket finals spot.

Due to their impressive performance in the playoffs, LNG Esports have had a query surrounding them as to whether they can continue their strong form.

Their encounter with JDG on August 23 managed to sate the inquiries as they were unable to win a map.
During the game, JDG played as aggressively as they could in a bid to negate LNG’s comeback play. While the approach had some issues in the first game, their efforts eventually earned them a lead in the League of Legends series.

The first game saw LNG pushing back against JDG’s aggressive play and almost winning. However, Zeng “Yagao” Qi, the team’s mid-laner, was able to change the outcome.

The deciding game was the Baron fight, and the player’s champion, Azir, enabled JDG to claim the victory in the first match after he properly executed a Quadra kill.

In game two, JDG adopted an even more hostile approach on the map, making use of the team’s top laner, Bai “369” Jia-Hao’s Renkton and Yagao’s Sylas champions to create chaos in team brawls. The team’s gameplay in the fight became even more overwhelming for LNG after Wang “Hope” Jie’s champion Lucien joined the fray.

After destroying the Nexus and crushing LNG’s players in the second map, JDG was able to bag a 2-0 lead in the series. The third game started badly for LNG and progressed not much better than the previous matches. The first few minutes saw JDG’s AD carry bag two kills thanks to their successful five-man bot lane gank.

The team kept up with the onslaught and was able to counter any overextension from LNG. After pulling one on LNG, JDG proceeded to move to the mid lane and demolished the team’s Nexus.
Due to the overwhelming victory, JDG qualified for the upper bracket finals during the 2022 LPL Summer playoffs and will face off against Top Esports on August 26.

GG.BET has JDG as underdogs with $2.09 odds, while TES are the preferred winners at $1.71 with esports betting sites.
 TES previously got the better of EDward Gaming, earning them an upper bracket final slot.

The game against both teams was a lot different from JDG’s clean sweep over LNG, as both TES and EDG took turns winning in each match until TES claimed victory in the fifth deciding match.

In the upcoming game between both winners, they will battle for the grand final spot.
LNG are still very much in the tournament despite their loss to JDG, as they are on course to feature in the lower bracket finals.

They will take on EDG, who are designated as favorites with odds set at $1.18. The outcome of the duo’s matchup will see the winner of the series advance to the lower bracket finals.

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