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Teams that will compete in the Mid-Season Invitational are currently going through intense preparations to be in the best form possible once they step on the grand stage, and European giants G2 are no exception.

The League of Legends fans are crossing out dates on the calendar, slowly approaching the long-awaited Mid-Season Invitational, which will feature some of the strongest League of Legends teams in the world.

The six teams that are qualified will get a shot at glory in one of the most prestigious League of Legends tournament in the world, which will start with the group stages to be played from May 10-14 in Vietnam, followed by the knockout stages, played from May 15-19 in Taipei, Taiwan.

Due to the importance of the tournament, the bragging rights that come along with it and the prize money for the champions, teams are going through vigorous preparations to arrive at the tournament in the best form possible, and while there are three teams that still need to go through the qualifications, the remaining three (SKT, G2 and Invictus Gamings) are sharpening their swords in preparation for the battle that is to come.


While all three teams that already qualified, deserve to be mentioned, we will focus on the European Giants G2 Esports, who have proven to the world they are “ready to rumble” with their recent results in the South Korean boot camp.

G2 Esports, that features “wunder” at the top, jankos” in the jungle, “mikyx” and “perkz” at the bottom lane and no other than the Danish prodigy “caps” in the mid lane have got a team that should strike fear in any opponent they meet. But the already respected team added another statement, which reads loud and clear; “We are ready”.

In preparation for the MSI, G2 went to South Korea boot camp, where they are getting ready for the spectacle on May 1st. While training on South Korean servers, every single G2 player reached rank Masters, which is something worth mentioning.

Not only have the main 5 players achieved rank Masters, even the substitute support player “promisq” managed to do the same, which only proves the depth and quality of the team.

While that may not seem like a huge accomplishment, the Korean servers are highly competitive, and achieving Masters tier in such a short time is a great achievement for any player or a team. We must also mention that the G2 toplaner “Wunder” managed to do so with a 60% win rate.

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Another thing that we have noticed from G2 is that both “wunder” and “Caps” played quite a lot of Neeko, which could potentially be another champion that G2 adds to their champion pool. If “wunders” 75% win rate with Neeko means anything, other teams should take notice and keep “the curious chameleon” away from his hands. However, this might be a double-edged sword.

Banning Neeko from G2 would potentially leave Irelia, Jayce and Ryze open for them to grab. Not only can those champions be played in several positions, but they can, in the right hands be a real threat.

G2 proved before what they can do with Irelia, Ryze and Jayce, so leaving them open would be a suicide for opposing teams. This now begs the question; is banning Neeko worth leaving those champions open for G2, or will it be easier to deal with a 75% win rate Neeko?

Whichever tactic the opposing teams take, one thing is for sure; G2 are ready and in an excellent form to contest the no.1 spot in the MSI 2019.

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