Chongqing Major
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This match-up starts on Friday, January 25, 2019 – 15:30 UTC+8.

AFTER dominating its match-up with TNC Predator, Team Liquid will continue their Chongqing Major journey against Fnatic on Friday evening in what is expected to be a tight-fought Dota 2 affair.

Team news coming into the game is that Shadow will continue to stand-in for Team Liquid throughout the tournament.

Matumbaman, the carry position player from Team Liquid, once again dominated the stage against TNC Predator.

Matumbaman picked Razor in the first game of the series and earned 18 kills with only one death along with four assists by the end of the game.

He displayed a new meta of Razor. Normally we would prioritize maximizing the level of first ability or second ability of Razor to have better killing potential in the early stage of the game and create space for the position one. His Razor was position two in that game, while Shadow’s Terrorblade was being put in position one.

However, Matumbaman maximized the level of third skill – Unstable Current – which allowed him to farm a lot faster in Jungle because this skill constantly dealing 120 damage to a 500 radius surrounding Razor every six seconds.


In the laning phase, TNC Predator had a strong start by dominating all three lanes in the game. Razor was able to farm because he constantly pushed out the lane by killing the creeps and went farming in the jungle.

The game was in favour of TNC Predator up until the 25-minute mark. Team Liquid always defend high ground without Terrorblade. Although the successful defend was costly, Undying, Sven and Keeper of the Light spent their buyback to defend the top lane rax. While Shadow had the space to farm throughout the two-minute-long team fight between the members of Team Liquid and five enemy heroes.

Shadow successfully purchase Eye of Skadi with the space Team Liquid created for him and he teleported back to base to join the team fight and wiped out three members of TNC Predator.

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Gabbi, the carry position from TNC Predator tried his best to cut off the creep wave of Team Liquid in all possible way he could. However, Terrorblade was too strong and able to tear down the tower in few second as long as there is one creep able to reach TNC Predator’s base.

TNC Predator was forced to call GG as their throne was brought down by Terrorblade.

Fnatic, revealed another signature hero of Abed in their match-up against J.Storm just a few days ago.

Abed spammed two games of Outworld Destroyer in that match-up. Fnatic hadn’t drafted Outworld Destroyer in the group stage and their match-up against EHOME in the winner bracket.

They only drafted this hero when it came to elimination match against J.Storm. Abed was adept at playing the hero and was able to get Scythe of Vyse before the 32-minute mark in both games.

In game one, Fnatic out-drafted J.Storm by picking Timbersaw last. Iceiceice, the position three player from Fnatic, played Timbersaw and changed to position one because he harassed Venomancer heavily in the laning phase. He tried to create space for Faceless Void by farming aggressively in enemy jungle but he was unstoppable and it takes 5 heroes from J.Storm just to make sure they had higher chance to kill Timbersaw.

Timbersaw and Outworld Destroyer are the heroes Team Liquid need to be aware of Fnatic. Medusa is also one of the heroes Abed spammed in their match-up against EHOME in the winner bracket.

Fnatic vs. Team Liquid betting prediction

After running our eye through the drafting abilities and recent performances of both squads in Chongqing Major professional matches, we give Team Liquid a 65% chance to win this match-up.

Considering the payout odds, our recommendation is to go low and bet on Team Liquid to win the game at -166.67 or higher at BetOnline.

We also recommend live betting and going low on Team Liquid if they are able to draft Terrorblade.

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