Chongqing Major
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This match-up starts on Wednesday, January 23, 2019 – 18:00 UTC+8.

AFTER surviving its elimination match with Forward Gaming, J.Storm’s Chongqing Major campaign continues on Wednesday night when they take on Fnatic.

J.Storm displayed an incredible drafting strategy against Forward Gaming yesterday.

Fear, the position four player, spammed Grimstroke. He played four games of Grimstroke out of 5 games J.Strom played in this tournament.

Yesterday, J.Storm picked Grimstroke again, along with Centaur Warchief. These two heroes are very strong in the early phase. Grimstroke’s casting of Ink Swell on Centaur Warchief allowed Centaur Warchief to gain extra movement so he could walk nearer to the enemies and stun them. Then, Grimstroke followed up by spamming first skill and second on the enemies, who were stunned by Centaur Warchief killing Terrorblade because Terrorblade did not have enough health points in the early stage of game.

However, Forward Gaming countered this combo by sending both supports to help Terrorblade.


Both teams were evenly matched until J.Storm pushed the high ground at 70-minute mark. Bryle, the position two player from J.Storm played Outworld Destroyer. Outworld Destroyer and Grimstroke both purchased Scythe of Vyse, which can hex one enemy hero for a duration of 3.5 seconds.

With the ultimate ability of Grimstroke — Soulbind — allowed any negative buff on the target hero linked to another enemy hero. So, Outworld Destroyer could hex two enemies with only one cast of Scythe of Vyse on one target.

With that, they took down the Roshan and secured themselves the Refreshard Shard on Outworld Destroyer to allow him cast 2 times of hex and also 2 times of Sanity Eclipse which damage the enemy’s hero based on the intelligent different between the enemy and Outworld Destroyer. Sanity Eclipse also burned 40% of the mana from affected heroes.

Fnatic has performed very well in group stage and will enter this match with confidence. However, in their last match-up against EHOME two days ago, they exposed their reliance on Medusa, which is a bad news for them.

Although Medusa is imbalanced once he reaches level 25, picking this hero when enemies are yet to reveal their core heroes is not a good idea.

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In their game three against EHOME, EHOME revealed one of their core heroes, Visage, and Fnatic picked Medusa. EHOME punished their confidence with Drow Ranger and Visage’s pushing strategy. Medusa was too busy to defend the high ground against the EHOME early stage of pushing, so he did not have much space to farm.

At the 35-minute mark, he was only at level 20 and EHOME started to tearing down their base as Visage and Drow Ranger both hit their level 25. Visage learned the talent of having one more familiar at level 25 and Drow Ranger took the talent of reduce 50% cooldown on all abilities and items which allowed him to keep on spamming the precision skill to increase the attack speed of range creep and familiars under Visage’s control.

Grimstroke of J.Storm is a hero that Fnatic will have to watch out for because Fear is very good at playing that hero in this meta, while J.Storm has to think of a way to stop Medusa free farm if Fnatic picks this hero in the upcoming match-up.

Fnatic vs. J.Storm betting prediction

After running our eye through the recent form of both sides, we give Fnatic a 70% chance to win this match-up.

Considering the payout odds, our recommendation is to go low and bet on Fnatic to win the game at -357.14 or higher at BetOnline.

We also recommend live bet and go medium on Fnatic if they able to draft Medusa to their side.

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