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STREET FIGHTER is about to get a new character joining the third season of the game.

On April 24, Falke will available for download on Steam and PlayStation 4.

The Guardian Hawk is the third character from the third season pass, joining Blanka and Sakura, who were introduced in February and January respectively.

Falke’s backstory is an interesting one. She was Shadaloo’s prisoner and forced to train day and night until she reaching perfection. As one of Bison’s alternative clones, Falke has the ability to use Psycho Power on objects and her abilities have left a permanent scar on Falke’s spirit. Ed rescued Falke from the nightmare and now the two share a deep bond.

A youtube teaser revealed more about her fighting style.

Falk owns a staff that she can use to channel the Psycho Power. It can be used to shoot or the power can be released upon contact in hand-to-hand combat. Fighting with Falke will be relatively easy. As a character, she doesn’t require extra input and her abilities can be used to attack or defend.

Falke was initially revealed along with five other champions of the season in December of 2017 in Capcom Cup final. Three more characters are yet to be released. Falke will have two customs available — the story custom and the battle design.

Falke can be purchased for $5.99 or the equivalent of in-game currency. Those that wish to buy all the new characters will be allowed once the remaining three are revealed. The price for all six characters is $24.99.

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