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DAMWON Gaming are the champions of the 2022 Korean Open Spring following a commanding victory in the final against T1.

The six-day event finally came to an end on April 24, with six teams getting seeded for the Summer Spring while two will go to the Relegation.

Although the final was a best-of-5 series, they played only three maps, ending 3-0 in favor of DAMWON. The three maps played were Bank (7:4), Border (8:6), and Clubhouse (7:3).

DAMWON Gaming started the competition with an impressive performance in the group stage. Out of 14 total group stage matches, they secured ten victories and were never dragged into overtime.

Their first-place finish in the group standings guaranteed them a direct spot in the semifinals of the playoffs.

In the semifinals, they were matched up against Team GP, who finished fourth in the group stage and swept TALON in the quarterfinals.

Although GP stole a map in the best-of-3 semifinals series, DAMWON pulled off an incredible comeback, taking Villa and Bank comfortably.

Fans undoubtedly expected a more competitive final, especially as T1 was their opponent. Unfortunately, they could not withstand the force of DAMWON.

Nonetheless, T1 was rewarded with $16,116 of the $80,582 prize pool, coupled with 40 points and a slot at the 2022 Summer Korean Open. A piece of the prize pool, points, and a slot at the Summer Korean Open were given to the top six Rainbow Six teams, with the 7th and 8th getting $3,223 each and participation in Relegation.

For being the ultimate champion, DAMWON received $32,232, 60 points, and qualification for the Korean Open 2022 – Summer.

DAMWON Gaming are fighting for a spot in the 2022 Rainbow Six Charlotte Major

Slots have been allocated to the top four of the Asia-Pacific League 2022 Stage 1, and so far only two have been filled. With their qualification to the Upper Bracket Finals, CYCLOPS and Dire Wolves have secured their place in the Charlotte Major.

The remaining two slots will go to the teams that reach the Lower Bracket semifinals. As things stand, DAMWON are one of four teams that could qualify if they manage a victory in their next match.

DAMWON lost to CYCLOPS 2-1 in the Upper Bracket semifinals, which resulted in them being relegated to the Lower Bracket quarterfinal. While their place in the Lower Bracket is secure, they are yet to find out who their opponents are.

They will play the winners of the Chiefs EC-SANDBOX Gaming matchup, scheduled to be held on April 27. According to esports betting platforms, SANDBOX are the favorites to win with a moneyline odd of 1.57.

The Charlotte Major will commence on May 16 and will run through to May 22. Last year, the May Major was canceled by Ubisoft and replaced by the Six Invitational 2021.

The 2022 Six Invitational was a success, with 20 teams competing for a piece of the $3,000,000 prize pool. Every participant in the Charlotte Major will receive points for the 2023 Six Invitational, with the winner getting 375 points and a good percentage of the prize pool, which is yet to be announced.

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