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Apex Legends officially gave fans a peek at the next season’s upcoming hunter, Vantage, via its cinematic series, Stories from the Outlands. The new character will be introduced in the forthcoming season alongside her winged companion on August 9. Season 14, titled ‘Apex Legends: Hunted’, will show the primary ranged character and her trusty sniper rifle. 

Vantage and the inhospitable planet, Págos, were introduced to gamers via the episode “Survive”, off the Stories from the Outlands series. These short animations are released periodically and give fans details and information concerning certain characters or groups and their motivations for joining the Apex Games. 

The character’s life in a frigid and borderline unliveable environment gave her sufficient information on how to survive in a hostile, barren environment, a handy quality for an Apex Legends character. Besides her scoped weapon and frighteningly accurate aim, Vantage carries Echo, a bat species endemic and her flying companion, with her in the most deadly bloodsport in the Outlands. 

Respawn shed light on Vantage’s background in the short and how tough she had it previously. A woman, assumed to be the character’s mother, was shown living with her on the ice planet after being wrongfully convicted and banished to the planet. 

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The short further showed when Vantage discovered a ruined ship known as the G.D.S. and her attempt to make her mother explain the reason for the wreckage to her. Her mother only said, “Never mind the outside world. Our world is dangerous enough for you, my wild one.”

With no information forthcoming, Vantage braved the ship ruins herself and discovered technology for the first time and the fact that her mother was brought to the planet as a prisoner on the ship. She accidentally trips off the ship’s security system and gets mistaken for her mother, who is prisoner T-0323. 

The revelation left the character confused, and she said, “No, my mom was born here; she told me so.” However, the defense system makes an attempt to capture Vantage to live out her mother’s remaining sentence. The huntress escapes while the ship crumbles, but is wounded gravely as a result. 
Vantage is eventually found by her mother, who, after discovering the shape she was in, placed a distress alert for prisoner T-0323 on her body. The beacon was received by Gaea and was shown in Vantage’s new teaser on Twitter. 

While EA and Respawn are yet to give any official details about the character besides the cinematic episode, they revealed that more information concerning Vantage and Season 14 of Apex Legends would be announced before the release date in August. The new season will be reportedly available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and 5, Windows PC, as well as Xbox One and the Xbox Series X.

Details of the sharpshooting character were leaked previously in March when information on the yet-to-be-announced nine Legends were leaked. Besides Vantage, another new Legend was paired with a flying sidekick. Rhapsody, who was recently introduced, is described as a “rhythm-loving DJ”, and his companion, Rowdy, is a flying robot.

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