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The first NBA 2K League tournament, known as the Tip-Off, crowned its first champion, the 76ers Gaming Club.

The League started on April 4 when 17 teams drafted 6 players from the drafting pool. The regular season is set to start on May 11 but on May 1, the teams played the first tournament. During an entire week, the 17 teams played in games of 5 vs 5, using only original characters.

Two teams stood out from the rest, 76ers Gaming Club and Blazer5 Gaming. Both teams showed a clear superiority the entire week. 76ers struggled at times but once they reached the knockout stage, the team shined.

The squad lead by guard Ethan “ITZ_Radiant” White defeated Mavs Gaming, the Dallas representatives, in the quarterfinal. In the semifinal, the Philadelphia team took down Pistons Gaming Team from Detroit, Michigan by 18 points. The final against the Portland team had a similar result. 76ers defeated Blazer5 by 20 points and took home the $35,000.

76ers and the rest of the teams in the League must prepare for the regular season. Starting on May 11, the 17 teams will play a 17 weeks season that ends on August. Every team is scheduled to play at least on game every week for a total of 14 games.

In between the weekly matchups, the teams will have in-season tournaments and a postseason. Top eight teams will qualify for the postseason and eventually the final.

NBA 2K is currently the best-selling game in the sports genre. The competitive leagues expects to become the most successful league for sports games.

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