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100 Thieves has made a decision to place more focus on data analytics to aid in its organization’s growth. Their move to secure the services of Tim Sevenhuysen as the director of esports analytics has echoed the message and direction of the North American organization.

The new role will see work across all titles within the organization, giving Sevenhuysen a hand full of tasks ahead. The former Esports One employee will be in charge of creating the competitive roster for 100T “with an emphasis on player development and scouting.”

100T took to their Twitter page to make the announcement on Thursday. They shared their excitement about the appointment and stated that they look forward to the impact the new appointee will have on the organization.

“Please welcome our Director of Esports Analytics Tim Sevenhuysen!” the tweet read. “Tim will work across all teams to best prep for competition with an emphasis on player development & scouting. This is a new role at 100 Thieves and we’re excited to see his impact on our esports programs.”

Tim Sevenhuysen responded to the tweet, stating his excitement to join the Matthew Haag-owned organization. He complimented the organization for its role in the growth of esports and its position as a leader in the industry. He pledged to contribute his quota to the growth of the franchise.

“I’m super excited to join 100 Thieves as the Director of Esports Analytics,” Sevenhuysen said. “The organization is a true leader in the industry, from its competitive success to its focus on talent development to its robust business model. I’m honored to have a chance to contribute.”

He also stated that his recruitment by 100T will not in any way affect his work with Oracle’s Elixir. He shared that while he would not work on adding new features to the platform, he will continue to maintain the platform and its social assets to provide accessibility to the LoL esports community.

“Oracle’s Elixir won’t be affected by my work with 100T,” he continued. “I’ll continue to maintain the site (and the Discord community) as a service, resource, and hub for the LoL esports community, though I won’t be working towards adding new features to the website.”

Sevenhuysen has over the years garnered credible experience within the esports space. He was the Head of Esports Data Science at Bayes Holding and later became the Head of Esports Analytics across all Bayes multi-titles solutions.

He most recently had the same role with the esports & gaming data company, Esports One, as its Head of Esports Data Science. With Esports One, Sevenhuysen led the organization’s data science initiatives.

He has built a reputable name in the League of Legends community, having founded a League of Legends data platform. His platform offers a live update of LoL games, statistics, and advanced performance metrics. Asides from these offerings made possible by the platform, Sevenhuysen his opinions via its social media assets including YouTube, Discord, and through the use of podcasts.

Prior to the signing and creation of a Director of Esports Analytics position, the 4-year old esports organization has earlier stated that it was in the process of developing its own video game. This development birthed the recruitment of Pete Hawley, who was the CEO of Telltale Games, as the Chief Product Officer.

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