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Luka “Perkz” Perković, one of the most decorated League of Legends players in Europe, has decided to take a break from competitive play.

This announcement comes after Perkz’s absence from the LEC during the 2024 Spring Split, where he was benched from Team Heretics’ main roster.

In a message shared on his social media accounts, Perkz revealed his intentions to focus on his future endeavours.

He admitted that while his main drive in competitive gaming was to qualify for international events like the Mid-Season Invitational or LoL Worlds, he didn’t enjoy the process of striving toward those goals.

Reports indicated that Perkz’s benching from Team Heretics stemmed from alleged conflicts within the team, including a quarrel between Perkz and his team manager.

In an interview, Alvar “Araneae” Martín Aleñar, director at Team Heretics, commented on Perkz’s performance, acknowledging both his shortcomings and his contributions to team morale.

Perkz’s hiatus marks a significant moment in his career, prompting reflection on his past achievements and future endeavours.

It’s unlikely fans will see him compete before 2025.

Perkz intends to spend his break streaming both League of Legends and VALORANT, finding enjoyment in the process of learning something new.

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