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After what felt like an eternity of waiting, Ubisoft has finally announced the official release date for XDefiant: May 21.

The game will kick off with a preseason, or Season Zero, starting on that date, followed by regular seasonal content drops to keep the game fresh.

During the six-week preseason, players can expect new content and features, including a Ranked Mode Practice Playlist where they can sharpen their skills for the competitive ladder mode launching in a future season.

Ubisoft has laid out a roadmap for the game’s first year, promising new factions, weapons, maps, and a battle pass every season.

By the end of year one, XDefiant will boast four factions, 12 weapons, and 12 new maps in addition to the existing content.

The recent stress test reportedly went well enough for Ubisoft to feel confident in the game’s readiness for release, despite previous delays and development turmoil.

Although there were some issues with hit registration during the test, the developers claim to have addressed them, ensuring a smoother experience at launch.

XDefiant’s preseason will be available on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC, marking a significant milestone for the long-awaited free-to-play FPS.

The game’s journey has been rocky, with initial negative reactions to its announcement in 2021 prompting a major rework.

However, subsequent beta tests have shown promise, with some likening it to a refinement of classic Call of Duty gameplay.

The launch will introduce five factions, 14 maps, and five gameplay modes, with plans for regular updates every three months.

Despite initial scepticism, Ubisoft’s track record with games like Rainbow Six Siege suggests that XDefiant could find a dedicated audience in the crowded shooter market.

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