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In a major shake-up in the world of esports, TSM, one of the iconic names in League of Legends, has officially exited the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS), with Shopify Rebellion stepping in to take their place in 2024. The historic announcement came after months of rumours and uncertainty regarding TSM’s future in the league.

Shopify Rebellion, a rising esports organisation, secured TSM’s LCS slot for a reported $10 million, marking their debut in the League of Legends esports scene. The move aligns with Shopify Rebellion’s ambition to expand its presence in the esports world.

TSM’s exit from the LCS signals the end of an era, as they were one of the founding members and the most successful team in LCS history, boasting seven domestic championships. After a turbulent period for TSM that included controversies, financial irregularities, and the loss of their title sponsor, FTX, the departure occurs.

As TSM makes its exit, questions linger about their next destination. Speculation points towards China’s League of Legends Pro League as a potential landing spot, following in the footsteps of other Western organisations seeking success in the highly competitive Chinese region.

Shopify Rebellion, with its roots in Canada and a diverse portfolio in various esports titles, will inherit TSM’s roster for the 2024 season. However, decisions regarding player contracts, including those expiring in November, remain to be seen.

The LCS, which has faced challenges in recent times, welcomes Shopify Rebellion as it continues to evolve. The addition of new organisations like Shopify Rebellion and the departure of stalwarts like TSM hint at a dynamic future for the League of Legends competitive scene in North America.

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