League of Legends Pro League (LPL)

The LoL Pro League or the LPL is at is commonly known is a very popular betting medium on the esports calendar, with their events set to run for most of 2024. The League of Legends Pro League is the top-flight competition in China and teams generally have a huge say on major international events. LPL betting sites will often have extensive odds available both prior to tournaments starting (outright winner, MVPs, most kills betting etc) and on match day (moneylines, handicaps, head to head betting etc). The top Legends Pro League betting sites will also often have promotions and bonus offers surrounding events, with things like boosted odds, deposit bonuses and cash back deals common-place. The LPL, as a qualification tool for events like the Worlds and MSI, is keenly watched right around the globe and 2024 is promising to be a bumper year. Below we’ll discuss the top LPL betting sites, the 2024 teams, give you our latest LPL tips and news and break down the latest prize-money information.

LPL betting tips

Here are our latest LoL Pro League tips:

LPL News

Here is the latest League of Legends Pro League news:

What is the LoL Pro League?

The League of Legends Pro League, or LPL as it is known to most people, is the LoL league that is based out of China. The LPL is organised by Tencent Games and not Riot Games but teams still gain Championship Points and qualify for Worlds and MSI events every year. The LPL has 17 teams participating in a 10 week fixture, meaning all of the teams play each other once. All regular season series are Bo3 similarly to the LCK.

Lol characterAll 17 of the LPL teams are placed on a single table with all of the positions sorted out by win-loss record first and then map difference, exactly like the LCK. Once the regular season is completed, the top 10 teams will proceed to the playoffs with all playoff games being Bo5, and the teams that finish from 7th to 10th will kick off the upper-bracket in round one, with the 5th and 6th-placed teams waiting for the winners in round two. After the round two series have been completed, the double elimination playoff bracket starts with the winners of the round two series taking on the 3rd and 4th-place teams.

Once the upper-bracket quarter-finals winners are confirmed they will then take on the 1st and 2nd-place teams with all of the teams now competing in the playoffs and there will be only six teams remaining. We will find out the LPL champion after the grand final, ending the longest playoff bracket across all of the top-tier leagues.

Top LPL betting sites & apps

United States Top League of Legends esports betting sites

Top League of Legends esports betting sites

#1 BetOnline

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The top LPL betting sites will be determined by your location and the laws that they operate under. For instance, the USA has many states that now have regulated sports betting, and in these states there are plenty of legal sportsbooks you can sign up for.

Other places, like China, where the LPL is based do not have any legal betting options and those looking to wager on this popular League of Legends series, will need to wager with offshore online bookies. This does not mean that these LPL betting sites will be any less safe, it simply means that you should do your homework before wagering with them, because the ones that accept Chinese bets are based in places like Curacao and Costa Rica.

LPLLPL bet types available at the top League of Legends betting sites, like bet365 (bet365 review) and Betway (betway review), include match lines, most kills, map winners and then “exotics” like barons, inhibitors, towers and dragons on map 1 (or whatever map you are up to).

Most LPL betting can be done via betting apps, with this no surprise given over 70% of all esports bets are done via mobile in 2024. These betting apps are generally for popular Android smartphones (Huawei, Samsung etc) and in some places, Apple smartphones operating off the iOS operating system.

Another huge plus to wagering on LPL via online betting sites is that they generally have payment options that suit players from all round the world. For instance, Australian bookmakers have got commonly used deposit options like Paypal, credit and debit cards and locally-backed payment processors like POLi.

The best LPL betting sites will also often give punters the ability to switch their odds types with the click of a button, so you should be able to view match prices in the format you understand.

LPL Odds

Below you will find the odds for any team “To Win Outright” for the LPL Spring split;

  • JD Gaming – +275
  • Bilibili Gaming – +275
  • LNG Esports – +500
  • Top Esports – +700
  • Ninjas in Pyjamas – +800
  • Weibo Gaming – +1100
  • EDward Gaming – +1200
  • Royal Never Give Up – +1800
  • Team WE – +2000
  • Oh My God – +2300
  • Anyone’s Legend – +2500
  • ThunderTalk Gaming – +2800
  • FunPlus Phoenix – +4000
  • Invictus Gaming – +6600
  • Ultra Prime – +8000
  • Rare Atom – +10000
  • LGD Gaming – +12500

LPL Teams

The LPL commences in January every year. The teams set to participate include:

Anyone’s Legend

  • Wang “Hery” Heyong
  • Kim “Croco” Dong-beom
  • Cui “Shanks” Xiaojun
  • Wang “Hope” Jie
  • Kim “Kael” Jin-hong
  • Coach: Cho “Joker” Jae-eup

Bilibili Gaming

  • Chen “Bin” Zebin
  • Peng “XUN” Lixun
  • Zhuo “knight” Ding
  • Zhao “Elk” Jiahao
  • Luo “ON” Wenjun
  • Coach: Fu “BigWei” Chien-wei

EDward Gaming

  • Mak “Solokill” Fu-keung
  • Zhao “Jiejie” Lijie
  • Lee “Fisher” Jeong-tae
  • Hu “Leave” Hongchao
  • Zhao “Vampire” Zhecan
  • Coach: Ming “Clearlove” Kai

FunPlus Phoenix

  • Ping “xiaolaohu” Xiaohu
  • “milkyway”
  • Yang “Care” Jie
  • Seo “deokdam” Dae-gil
  • Kim “Life” Jeong-min
  • Coach: Yeon “Sin” Hyeong-mo

Invictus Gaming

  • Chau “YSKM” Shu-tak
  • Guo “Tianzhen” Qifan
  • Yuan “Cryin” Chengwei
  • Luo “xiaoyueji” Shihao
  • Zhang “Wink” Rui
  • Coach: “Loong”

JD Gaming

  • Li “Flandre” Xuanjun
  • Seo “Kanavi” Jin-hyeok
  • Zeng “Yagao” Qi
  • Park “Ruler” Jae-hyuk
  • Lou “MISSING” Yunfeng
  • Coach: Won “Mafa” Sang-yeon

LGD Gaming

  • Noh “Burdol” Tae-yoon
  • Zeng “Meteor” Guohao
  • Zhang “Haichao” Haichao
  • Zou “Kepler” Jiale
  • Xie “JinJiao” Jinshan
  • Coach: Chen “1874” Lixin

LNG Esports

  • Tang “Zika” Huayu
  • Wei “Weiwei” Bohan
  • Lee “Scout” Ye-chan
  • Chen “GALA” Wei
  • Ling “Mark” Xu
  • Coach: Luo “Crescent” Sheng

Ninjas in Pyjamas

  • Deng “shanji” Zijian
  • Mao “AKi” An
  • Song “Rookie” Eui-jin
  • Ying “Photic” Qishen
  • Wang “Zhuo” Xuzhuo
  • Coach: Zeng “Maizijian” Xinyi

Oh My God

  • Dai “Cube” Yi
  • “Xiaofang”
  • Xiang “Angel” Tao
  • Dai “Able” Zhichun
  • Guo “ppgod” Peng
  • Coach: Zhou “NoName” Qilin

Rare Atom

  • Xu “Xiaoxu” Xingzu
  • “naiyou”
  • Lee “VicLa” Dae-kwang
  • Zou “Assum” Wei
  • Yang “Zorah” Chongjiang
  • Coach: Shin “Shine” Dong-wook

Royal Never Give Up

  • Chen “Breathe” Chen
  • Yan “Wei” Yangwei
  • Lin “Tangyuan” Yuhong
  • Lin “Lwx” Weixiang
  • Shi “Ming” Senming
  • Coach: Tan “Martin” Qi

Team WE

  • Huang “Wayward” Renxing
  • Yang “Heng” Cuiheng
  • Chu “FoFo” Chun-lan
  • Lee “Prince” Chae-hwan
  • Liao “Iwandy” Dingyang
  • Coach: Chen “WarHorse” Ju-chih

ThunderTalk Gaming

  • Yoon “Hoya” Yong-ho
  • Yang “Beichuan” Ling
  • Son “ucal” Woo-hyeon
  • Li “1xn” Xiunan
  • Zhang “Qiuqiu” Ming
  • Coach: Wang “Xiaopeng” Peng

Top Esports

  • Bai “369” Jiahao
  • Gao “Tian” Tianliang
  • Lin “Creme” Jian
  • Yu “JackeyLove” Wenbo
  • Tian “Meiko” Ye
  • Coach: Zhou “Despa1r” Lipeng

Ultra Prime

  • Zhang “Decade” Huaxin
  • Yang “H4cker” Zhihao
  • Zhang “Yuekai” Yuekai
  • Chiu “Doggo” Tzu-chuan
  • Sun “Jwei” Junwei
  • Coach: Yang “Xiaobai” Zhonghe

Weibo Gaming

  • Zhu “Zdz” Dezhang
  • Peng “Xiaohao” Hao
  • Li “Xiaohu” Yuanhao
  • Wang “Light” Guangyu
  • Liu “Crisp” Qingsong
  • Coach: Yang “Daeny” Dae-in

LPL Prize Pool Distribution

The presently announced prize-pools (in US Dollars) for the 2024 LPL are as follows:

  • First Place – $281,590
  • Second Place – $140,795
  • Third Place – $70,397
  • Fourth Place – $42,238
  • Fifth & Sixth Place – $28,159

History of LPL champions

The LPL has been running since 2013, with a spring and summer split played every year.

Spring Champions

    • 2013 – Oh My God
    • 2014 – EDward Gaming
    • 2015 – EDward Gaming
    • 2016 – Royal Never Give Up
    • 2017 – Team WE
    • 2018 – Royal Never Give Up
    • 2019 – Invictus Gaming
    • 2020 – JD Gaming
    • 2021 – Royal Never Give Up
    • 2022 – Royal Never Give Up
    • 2023 – JD Gaming

Summer Champions

    • 2013 – Positive Energy
    • 2014 – EDward Gaming
    • 2015 – LGD Gaming
    • 2016 – EDward Gaming
    • 2017 – EDward Gaming
    • 2018 – Royal Never Give Up
    • 2019 – FunPlus Phoenix
    • 2020 – Top Esports
    • 2021 – EDward Gaming
    • 2022 – JD Gaming
    • 2023 – JD Gaming

How to watch the LPL

Every game of the LPL is broadcast live on the official LPL twitch channel (https://www.twitch.tv/lpl) and their official YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/LPLOfficial).

twitch youtube

Other League of Legends series by region

While the LPL is the main League of Legends series in China, there is plenty of other strong competitions based in other places around the world. The other League of Legends events to key an eye on are:

  • Korea: League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK)
  • Europe, Middle East, and Africa [EMEA] – League of Legends EMEA Championship (LEC)
  • North America: League of Legends Championship Series (LCS)
  • Southeast Asia: Pacific Championship Series (PCS)
  • Vietnam: Vietnam Championship Series (VCS)
  • Brazil: Campeonato Brasileiro de League of Legends (CBLOL)
  • Japan: League of Legends Japan League (LJL)
  • Latin America: The Liga Latinoamérica (LLA)