TSM esports news - Spica axed after poor LoL showing
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On the back of a poor season for Team SoloMid’s League of Legends team, the front office has decided to rebuild to give the team a fighting chance in the forthcoming League of Legends Championship Series Summer Split.

Fans have had to endure the terrible performance of TSM over the past season, but TSM’s new signing is said to be capable of lifting the team to new heights and putting the past season behind the team.

The US-based esports organization took to its Twitter page to announce the signing of the former Flash Wolves mid-laner Maple. While the franchise welcomed the 24-year old to the team, they tagged him as the ‘key to our roster’. They also revealed that he will be taking a starting position in the LCS Summer Split, stating that his experience will play a vital role in the team’s growth and success.

“The key to our roster has arrived. Please join us in giving Huang “Maple” Yi-Tang a warm welcome to the TSM family!” TSM announced. “We’re incredibly excited for him to take on the starting position as our LCS mid-laner. His experience and leadership will be pivotal to the success of our roster.”

Maple, the Taiwanese professional League of Legends player will be joining the TSM roster consisting of Heo “Huni” Seung-hoon, Mingyi Spica Lu, Edward “Tactical” Ra, Ji “Takeover” Cha Hyeun-min, and support Wei “Shenyi” Zi-Jie.

Maple spoke about joining TSM’s League of Legends roster, stating that despite their poor performance in the Spring Split, he looks forward to being the difference and creating changes in his wake. He talked about introducing the different playing styles he picked up from his years of experience and hopefully lead the team to the Worlds.

“Why I want to join TSM— [they] didn’t perform as expected in the Spring Split, [so] I hope my joining could help bring some changes,” Maple stated. “I want to bring the playstyle that I learned in the LPL and PCS to NA and help the team qualify for Worlds while getting better results.”

Having suffered their worst LCS season in the history of the franchise, the Vice President of TSM, Dominic Kallas is positive about the bright future that exists for the organization. Although he is not deluded that the team can get back to winning ways within the first year, he believes the basis for rebuilding is in place, and as such the process of becoming a highly competitive team can continue.

“Not everything is going to be fixed here in the first year, but ultimately, we feel we’re in a place where we can start rebuilding and get TSM back to its winning culture, step by step,” Kallas said.

Glen Yang, TSM’s assistant general manager talked about Maple coming out in flying colors after being graded by the coaching staff. He stated that the former PSG Talon and Anyone’s Legend player is considered to be amongst the top three best mid-laner in LCS. Having been in the league competing at the highest level for nine years, his recruitment to the team is believed to be a great advantage to the team.

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