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The Call of Duty Mobile India Challenge Multiplayer Season 2 Grand Finals came to a close on August 21, with Team Vitality emerging as champions after defeating the favorites, GodLike Esports, with a score of 4-2.

Samruddha “SamS” Ghadge of Team Vitality was awarded the MVP of the tournament. The player racked up 126 kills during the event and had an impressive 2,645 points.

Prior to the Grand Finals, 256 teams vied for a spot in the playoffs. However, only eight teams were able to qualify.

The selected teams were eventually placed in a BO5 format and faced off against each other in a double-elimination bracket. The teams that progressed to the Grand Finals, however, were set to play in a BO7 format.

After qualifying for the playoffs, Vitality did not record any losses against an opposing team and had an effortless sail to the Grand Finals. They faced off against Rebirth and Team Lendhi to qualify for the upper-bracket finals and recorded two easy victories there as well.

During the upper-bracket finals, things got a little tough for Vitality when they faced Enigma Gaming. The team eventually won Enigma after a tough match with a 3-2 score.

GodLike Esports had a less smooth ride during the playoffs but were able to make it to the Grand Finals after winning in the lower bracket. The team was the Season 1 winner of the COD Mobile India Challenge Multiplayer after defeating Revenant Esports in the tournament’s Grand Finals.

This season, GodLike Esports started their first game in the playoffs in good form after bagging a 1-3 victory against 7I Astro. They were able to win three consecutive victories and qualify for the Grand Finals after facing and beating Revenant Esports, Enigma Gaming, and Rebirth.

Team Vitality was in the lead with points as a result of their upper-bracket qualification. The first two games were a tough battle for the team, but Vitality emerged as the victor. On the first map, which was hardpoint, Vitality won 2-0 and moved on to the next match with momentum.

Search & Destroy was the team’s second map, and Vitality fired on to the next stage after winning by 3-0. Control and Hardpoint were the third and fourth maps of the Grand Finals, and both of them saw GodLike Esports take the reins of the play and raise the scoreline to 3-2.

Game five was Search & Destroy, and GodLike Esports continued in the lead, which gave them a 6-2 score against Vitality. A decider seemed to be in the cards for the team, but Vitality did not let up and won the map 10-8 to clinch the title.

The prize pool for this season’s event was around 1,500,000 INR, and Vitality took home 600,000 as the winner, with the rest of the amount split up among the remaining seven teams. GodLike Esports, who placed second, were given 300,000 INR, while Enigma Gaming, who placed third, were rewarded with 200,000 INR.

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