Gustavo "Sacy" Rossi rated the no.1 Valorant player in Europe
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Brazilian Valorant player Gustavo “Sacy” Rossi from the Sentinel squad has been unable to play Valorant using his account ever since he moved to North America from Brazil.

The player took to his Twitter account to raise an alarm and possibly get help from fans and the Valorant developer, Riot Games.

“Is there a way to transfer my Valorant account in Brazilyo NA? Rioters please help, Sacy tweeted. Riot answered my ticket, I need to log in 14 days in a row. Create a new account, right?

Following his request on Twitter, Sacy was informed that in order to play on his account in the different region, as is customary for most players, he must check in to his account every day for two consecutive weeks. Many fans came out to support the player by drawing the attention of Riot Games and calling them to come to Sacy’s aid.

“Starting next year there will be many pro players having to do this same process due to the change of country, did the riot really not think of any means to streamline the process?” A fan tweeted.

Sacy is prepared to create a new account to participate in ranked games on the North American servers; hence, he intends to practice more frequently on the server because he will be competing against Sentinels in the upcoming season.

Sacy recently joined Sentinel on October 15, of this year; however, prior to joining the North American squad, he explored other regional esports outfits such as the RED Canids, Team Vikings, and then LOUD, which he joined on February 3, 2022.Sentinel

This impediment with the player may hinder the team’s performance as Sacy is a key player with profound skills, which he has exhibited in both domestic and international tournaments. The former League of Legends Brazilian took part in the 2021 Valorant Championship, in which his team at the time, Team Vikings, came in at 9th–12th place, and with LOUD he has led them to second place at the 2022 Valorant Championship Tour: Stage 1 Masters in Reykjavik, and also the Stage 2 Masters at Copenhagen, where they had a disappointing placement at 11th–12th place, although the team came back with a good fight by winning the 2022 Valorant Champions.

The player has also bagged personal ratings for himself, which include being ranked the 5th best player in Brazil by Valorant Zone in 2020 and also named by Brazil by Premio eSports Brasil and Valorant Zone as the 2021 best player.

The kick-off tournament, which is the inaugural Valorant event for next year, already has Sentinels scheduled to compete in February.

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