LCK heating up as Gen.G and T1 do battle
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Best Odds: SANDBOX +333 at BetOnline | Gen.G -500 at BetOnline
When: August 20, 2022 | 17:00 KST
Watch Live: Lolesports, Twitch

Liiv SANDBOX and Gen.G will lock horns on Saturday, August 20, in the League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) 2022 Summer Playoffs semi-finals, with the winner to face either T1 or DWG KIA in the grand final.

SANDBOX kept their hot streak alive on Wednesday when they took down DRX 3-1 to take one step closer to claiming their first LCK title. It marked the team’s sixth consecutive victory, having already beaten DRX (2-1), DWG KIA (2-0), KT Rolster (2-1), T1 (2-0), and Fredit BRION (2-0) to finish the regular season.

But, once again, Liiv SANDBOX had it easy. Although they have been playing well over the last month, none of their victims had a good game. Indeed, SANDBOX’s quarter-final victory had more to do with DRX’s poor drafting than anything else.

It is tough not to feel excited about Liiv SANDBOX, but they have met their match here. Gen.G are by far the strongest Korean LoL esports team and – unlike most other squads – far less prone to making mistakes. They’ve won all but one game this split (17-1) and have dropped just 12% of the maps played (35-5).

This is a perfect match for Gen.G, who will be able to take advantage of Liiv SANDBOX’s over-aggression and punish them for it. SANDBOX can win a map, but anything more would be a massive disappointment for the regular-season champions.

Gen.G to win 3-1


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